What are the differences of Madagascar to the USA?

Here are couple differrences

There are many differrences between life in Madagascar and life in Usa. The biggest difference between USA and Madagascar is holidays. The next difference is eating. the last difference is dating and marriage.



1. In the USA we celebrate Labor Day and Independence day, the days the occur are different. Labor Day is the first Monday of September.

2. During the holidays we celebrate in USA we have many days off. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter as well.


1. In Madagascar the difference is that they celebrate Labor day on May 1, and Independence Day on June 20th.

2. They also Celebrate Martyr Day on March 29th. This is a holiday that honors French troops that perished while suppressing the insurrection in 1947.



1, In the USA many rural and urban families dine together

2. The common dessert that is served is sweets (cookies, ice cream, cakes)


1. Many urban families eat together, while rural families eat on floor mats

2. The most common dessert that is served are seasonal fruits

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Dating and Marriage


1. Many people have the right to choose who they want to date and or marry, without having their parents choose.

2. Some traditions at weddings are father/ daughter dances

mother and son dances as well the groom and bride cutting the cake.


1.Traditionally parents seek to arrange their children's marriages that have same social status.

2. Marriages are performed at the city hall first, then on Saturday's their will be a feast and dancing.