Devil or Angel?

What was Andrew Jackson

Was Andrew Jackson a devil or angel?

Andrew Jackson was a devil. He was a devil because he made treaties toward the American Indians he didn't keep, and how he made them move away from their homeland because he didn't want them to get in fights with whites. This event was also called the Trail of Tears. One of the Five Civilized Tribes helped through war and had to move west of the Mississippi River. They were the Cherokee Tribe.

Andrew Jackson shouldn't be praised

Andrew Jackson shouldn't be praised because of the things he did to the Indians. They are people too, and should have been treated like people. They might have had different ways of living, or different beliefs, but that doesn't make them inhuman. I think it was very unfair when Andrew moved the Cherokee Tribe west. This is unfair because they helped the country through some tough times, and helped the country. This is what they get repaid, for helping out the United States of America.

Did Jackson Promote Democracy?

Jackson tried to promote democracy. In fact, I think he did very well. Jackson said the state banks would help benefit the farmers and common people, whereas the national bank was benefitting the rich. He wanted to benefit the common people and farmers. Therefore, the national bank was gone, and the state banks were is. Even though there was times he was democratic, there were also times where he wasn't. There were times when Jackson got selfish and did what he wanted to do. Before the Indian Removal Act, Indians keeping their land was declared constitutional. Jackson got upset because he didn't like Indians. He had the power to move the Indians so he told them they had to move, even though it was declared constitutional.