John Paul Chase

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John Paul Chase was wanted for the murder of FBI Agents H.E. Hollis and Samuel Cowley. He was born Dec. 26, 1901, in San Francisco.He started committing crimes at an early age. The first crime committed by Chase that came to the attention of San Francisco police was minor bootlegging. Chase played a small role in most of the crimes in California, both as a freelancer and as an associate of organized crime groups. On March 24, 1935, Chase was tried and convicted for the murder of agent Sam Cowley and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was officially sent to Alcatraz on March 31, 1935. Chase was the first man to be charged under a recently passed law making it a federal crime to kill a federal agent. He became one of the longest-serving inmates, March 31, 1935 - September 21, 1954. He was then transferred from Alcatraz to Leavenworth, Kansas and served time there from 1954 to 1966. Chase was paroled in 1966. John Paul Chase went on to work as a janitor and eventually died of colon cancer at the age of 71 in Palo Alto, Calif., on Oct. 5, 1973.
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