3rd Grade's a HOOT!

January 4 - 8, 2016

3rd Grade Update

I hope everyone has had a wonderful winter break. We will be jumping right back into our studies. Please encourage your child to work hard as we have two weeks left before we close out the first half of the year.

A huge thank you to everyone who sent in goodies and volunteered to assist with our holiday party. The students had a blast eating treats and playing games together. It was definitely a huge success.

A few reminders:

  • I do encourage students to bring in a water bottle. We have a lot to cover in class and cannot continually go in and out of the class to get water.
  • Snacks must be nut free (including no peanut butter) in the classroom. They are fine at lunch but not in the classroom due to allergies.
  • Students should only bring one healthy snack a day. There is really not a lot of time between our snack time and lunch.
  • Be sure students wear a jacket to school if the weather decides to get cold. Students do not have the option of staying inside during recess when I have recess/lunch duty and it can be a bit chilly at times.


We will be selecting our new read aloud book this week.

Current Skill Focus - Asking who, what, where, and why while reading informational texts, and determining the text structure of informational texts

Writing - Informational - We will review components of informational writing and then complete the district writing assessment this week.

Encourage your child to complete their independent reading each night.


We will be finishing up Chapter 5 in the next week. Look for a study guide to come home this week to help prepare for the test. We have been learning about working with larger numbers. This week we will be looking at different types of graphs and decimals. When you are talking with your child about decimals, relate it to money. It makes it easier to understand. My tentative plan is to have the test on Wednesday, January 13.

We will jump right back into multiplication this week. Many students are doing very well with this skill. Keep practicing with them so they become automatic.

Timed multiplication test focus: 6-7's

Next week: 7-8's

South Carolina History

We will begin Chapter 5 learning about how our state government was established. We will also learn about the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Here is a link to a digital copy of the book I found.

South Carolina Adventure

You may find it useful if you can get it to work, especially if your child forgets their book at home.


We will begin our study of solids, liquids and gases. Students will be participating in a variety of learning experiences to build their understanding. This should be a fairly quick unit because it is a review of what was covered in 2nd grade.

Other Notes

Don't forget to check and sign your child's agenda each night. Encourage them to write neatly so you can read what they should be doing. Every child should be able to communicate what they are doing in class.

Purple folders come home on Wednesday. There will be a lot of papers included this week. Please make sure you are reviewing the papers and signing the folder each week. The folders are due back to school by Friday.