The Song of Roland

By: Hunter Clark, Ethan Sims, and Alex Terry

Type of Epic Poem:

The song of Roland is a folk epic poem that is translated by John O'Hagan

The 4 Elements

Hero- The hero of the story is Roland who is the rearguard for Charlemagne's army.

Hero's Quest- Roland must lead Charlemagne's army against the Saracens city of Saragossa which is under the rule of King Marsile.

Epic Conflict-The conflict is that Roland's step father, Ganelon planned with the assurances to ambush the rearguard because he fears that he will be murdered by the enemy.

Divine Intervention- Saints in the story take Roland to paradise after his death.

Background/ Culture

  • The song of Roland is the oldest remaining poem.

  • There is no original author of The Song of Roland nor is there a date that it was written.
  • Some scholars say that it was used for propaganda to encourage Christians to go to war against Islam.


  • The song of Roland has a serious tone throughout the poem. Example:
"Olivier felt the deadly wound, Yet he grasped Hauteclere, with its steel embrowned."
  • The Song of Roland was supposed to be sung, as you can tell from the title.
  • This epic poem was written during a stage of struggle during the Moslem (Muslim) invasion of Europe.

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