Toddler 2 Zoo News

April 8-12, 2013

Animals, animals, and more animals!

We concentrated this week on different animals. We matched animal babies with their mommies. We learned different sounds that animals make. We even pretended to be different types of animals.

Ms. Jonalyn's group

We made animal tracks with stampers this week. We also made animal tracks in play dough. We danced to animal music and pretended to be all kinds of animals. We spent some time painting with cups and even used textured paint made with oatmeal. We also played in the sand watching it fall through funnels and driving cars through it. The most fun we had was feeding our baby dolls some real food. We even tried it ourselves and decided we liked it better when we had been babies.

Ms. Claar's group

We made all kinds of animals this week. We made an octopus out of paper bags. We made turtles out of egg cartons. We also made some cute pink pigs playing in the mud. We made some goo paint and played with that. We spent some time at the sensory table playing with sand. We also played some drum safari and made different animal sounds. We love to pretend to go different places and explore!

Reminders and updates:

Don't forget Messy Night on Thursday April 18th from 5:00-7:00. Come on out and get messy!