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Now Pre-Leasing for December!

N Habit is Downtown Seattle's first modular apartment building. This Saturday is our the first day you can tour our model unit at 3rd & Bell, in the parking lot directly across from the property. Tour the completely finished model unit before it is stacked into place in late September.

What: N Habit Modular Unit Tour
Where: Parking lot at 3rd & Bell (2216 3rd Avenue)
When: Starts Saturday, 9-7 (open 7 days a week starting Sat.)

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The future of in-city living is in human-scale, flexible urban spaces with optimum functionality. It's the ability to transform the kitchen from a prep area to a work space to a dining space in just minutes. Or the ability to use a Murphy bed that, when raised, significant floor space can be 'recaptured'. Interacting with your neighbors in commons spaces will be something to look forward to. People will worry more about where to maintenance their bikes than wash their cars.