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@theLibrary with Tech and Gear Up

Hello! At Fall Family Conferences, the Librarian (CJ Fisher) teamed up with the Ed Tech Coach (Lynnelle Larson) and GEAR UP Coordinator (Erin Neisinger). We hosted a variety of information tables @the Library and many families visited with us.

To build on those great conversations, we would like to offer you a regular newsletter. There are many exciting resources for families that can support students' learning and skills. We would love to provide you with just a few ideas to spark conversations and explore new solutions. Thanks for reading!

Winter Break -- Snow Better Time To...


We require students to read outside of class for at least 2 hours a week. There are many reasons for this: build background knowledge, expand vocabulary, strengthen writing skills, open doors to college, and even more!

We ask families to play a big role in this. What can you do?

  • Talk with your student. "What book are you reading?"
  • Provide support. "You can use your screen after you finish your reading..."
  • Supply with titles. "Let's go to the public library... let's look at the Shuksan catalog"
  • Read with your student. Get a copy of their book and have your own family book club.
  • Bribe. "When you finish __ books, we can..."
  • Encourage. Ask your students to show you Winter Break Reading Challenge forms and to participate.
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Where can we find book recommendations?

Thanks for asking! We would love to help your student find a book that is "just right" for them. Here are some resources:

Snow Better Time to....

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Family Media Agreement Resources

Winter break is a great time to begin having conversations with the family around establishing healthy media habits for everyone. Media Agreements (or Technology Contracts) provide an opportunity to discuss when, where, and what your family is OK accessing online and for how long.

Not sure where to begin? Check out the variety of agreements/contracts below. Use a pre-made version or customize one of to fit your family.

After creating your Family Media Agreement, post it as a visual reminder of your plan. Continue the conversation and check in regularly with your student about what they are doing with their technology.

Wondering about additional resources? Feel free to email Ms. Larson for suggestions!

Snow Better Time To.....

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We all want to help youth make good choices. Building on your won experience is a great place to start. Do you remember who helped you find your path?

Young people respect honesty; they want to know that what they are feeling isn’t so different from what you felt at their age.

What was your path to where you are now?

Take a few minutes to think about your career path, your interests and passions and how those connect to where you are now. Think back to the way you saw your future when you were a teenager. What comes to mind and who helped you?

Remember, along any journey there are always unexpected turns, pit stops and even a few speeding tickets! You can use these stories from your own life as an opportunity to have your child think about their own plans. It is a good time to talk about a backup plan- a “Plan B.”

How and why do people choose careers?

While everyone is different, there are some common reasons people choose their careers.

  • · Passion- a lifelong passion turns into a career
  • · Inspiration- someone or something inspired them along a path or into a career
  • · Experience- travelling, working or starting a family can lead you along a certain path

There is no right or wrong path, just the path you are on and the next one you might take. For youth finding a path they are passionate about, fits their interests and builds on their skills is key. Being there for them along the way and sharing what you have learned can really make a difference.


Helping teens find their passion can start by building on something they love to do. IF your child wants to be a musician or basketball player, use these ideas and questions to think about other careers they could be interest them?

· What are some of things they like about that career?

· What other careers have basketball players gone on to after basketball, and do any of those interest in?

· When a musician makes an album and goes on tour, what are some of the other careers involved?