Antonio Vivaldi


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About Him

He lived in Venice, Italy from 1678-1741. He grew up learning to play the violin and becoming a priest. His father was a professional violinist and that is how Vivaldi learned to play. At age 25, he was named master of the violin at the Devout Hospital of Mercy in Venice. His music was mostly violin and orchestra compositions. His "claim to fame" was The Four Seasons.

The biography of Antonio Vivaldi

About The Music Era

The music era was the Baroque era. The era was exuberant and more elaborate and more ornamental than the music from the Renaissance era.

The Music

Vivaldi originally created Gloria for the choir of the Ospedale della Pieta, an orphanage for girls. He created a lot more songs for the choir there. The song itself has orchestra, violin, flute, organ, oboe, cello, bassoon, and singing.

How Is It Used Now

The only thing I could find that it would be in would be when it is sung at church. We know it better as Glory to God in the Highest. The original is very fast, but the one we sing in is slower and is a lot easier to follow.

Only video I could find because it's not in any movies or commercials

Lyrics Translation

Lyrics in English because it's either Italian, Latin, or Romanian