By Simon Manaligod

Perseverance is...

Winning a prize without working hard makes the prize have no value. If you worked hard for a goal and you achieve it, it makes that prize have value when you earn it. Perseverance is getting up when you have fallen down; to keep trying; to let nothing stop you from achieving your goal. That is what perseverance is. - Simon Manaligod

Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill Venn Diagram

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I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade

This book is about a girl named Oyuna who had her foot crushed by a horse when she was just a toddler. She has lived crippled for many years. Because of this, many events happened, such as her family having to leave all of their belongings behind and bad luck shamed her and her family. Even her mother died by a storm because of the bad luck. All of this happened as well as people thinking that Oyuna would never be able to find a husband and that she got in trouble with the army. All of this happened because Oyuna got her foot crushed by a horse as a little child. Oyuna and her family faced so much adversity and encountered a lot of disparity too.

Losing to Win

This video was about girls who weren't able to live a regular life. These girls went to a place called Carroll Academy where they were taught many life lessons through their basketball season. They were on a gigantic losing streak in their season. Students at Carroll Academy were taught discipline through their basketball season. Carroll Academy has kept these girls out of the state's custody and taught them to learn from their mistakes; that it isn't about winning, but about getting better. Certain students such as Haley and Jordan had certain problems that made them who they are. Haley is a student that has Bipolar disorder, which meant that she got very aggravated very easily. She learned through Carroll Academy to control her problem with her anger and she was able to keep herself under control during the basketball season. Jordan also had a problem, but it was related to her mom. She had an aloof mother that did not spend a lot of time with her. On some days, Jordan's mom would tell her that she would be coming to pick her up, but she never did. Jordan was devastated by this, and her dad was tired of seeing her like that. When Jordan went to Carroll Academy, she was able to find a new type of family within this group of girls during their basketball season. All of these girls were very resilient and humble during the basketball season at Carroll Academy. The problems that these girls faced were solved after that season. They were able to overcome the adversity that they had to face for years through Carroll Academy.
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Tom Monoghan

Tom Monoghan was the maker of Domino's Pizza. He was encumbered by so much adversity that overwhelmed him. During the process of making his pizzeria, he was encountered with a lot of debt, but was able to vanquish all of his problems by steadily working his way up. Here is a flow chart that shows how Tom Monoghan slowly made the famous pizzeria, Domino's.
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A picture of Tom Monoghan making dough for his pizza

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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player to make it into the MLB. He was an all- around athlete that strived hard to get where he was. Jackie went from the Kansas City Monarchs to his first Major league team, The Brooklyn Dodgers. He was phenomenal and when he had to retire from Baseball, he became a catalyst for civil rights. Jackie Robinson became a very iconic figure in the fight against racism.

A picture of Jackie Robinson on the Brooklyn Dodgers

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To conclude...

Perseverance is shown in many things and people, such as the story "I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade", the video "Losing to Win", and it is also shown in people such as Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Tom Monoghan. These people have done as much as they possibly could to get where they are in their life. Jackie Robinson started out with nothing, but strived hard and now he is a famous retired baseball player that is an iconic catalyst for the civil rights movement. People will go to big lengths to get what they want. Perseverance is defined as the will to move through adversity even when you falter. People will always falter on their way to success, but when they make it to the top, they will know that they vanquished their problems.