Little Frank

By Sean Little

Sean Little

One day, a small puppy named Frank was sitting on a porch when he saw Big Fox lurking around the hen house. Frank was the runt of the litter but the farmer had decided to keep him. He quietly snuck over to get a better view.

At the hen house, fox was trying to open the old latch that kept friend from foe. At that very moment, Big Fox, turned around in frustration and spotted Frank.

"What are you starring at runt?" Asked Big Fox.

Frank replied, "It depends on what you are doing in this farm."

The fox thought, I can take him in a fight and said, "Stealing a chicken for dinner."

Little Frank said, "Not while I'm guard dog here," and jumped and bit Big Fox in the front leg. The fox furiously lunged back. The battle went back and forth like this for a while. Little Frank fought hard. After a while Little Frank had been backed into the corner and was trapped. The fox seemed bigger than ever.

Then, Little Frank spotted a wooden pole and he ran under Big Foxes first blow. He nudged the pole and it fell, trapping Big Fox under it. From then on no one doubted Little Frank.