21st century explorer activity

by: gabby reyes

himilya moutains

Mountains- a natural elevation of the earths surface.(http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/mountain). The Himalayas spread across 6 countries form China all the way to Pakistan. The mountains were formed when 2 tectonic plates clash into each other forming a convergent boundary. Today, the Himalayas are the tallest mountains in the world at 29.090' in elevation!(https://www.google.com/#q=how+tall+are+the+himalayas) The Himalayas have 2 major seasons summer and winter, which in the winter has ALOT of snow and very icy cold temperatures and in the summer its mild.(http://himalayas8e.weebly.com/climate--weather.html) The people that actual live up on the Himalayan mountains actually worship the mountains They think that the mountains are the mother gods. The people of the Himalayas are often known for their physical strength. The people need less oxygen and work better because of higher altitudes. credits for picture-(http://himalayas8e.weebly.com/climate--weather.html)