Anne Frank Book project

Comparison (Diary-Play)

Anne Frank

Comparisons- Both diary and play Anne Frank are Annoyed at Peter in the beginning, and start to like him in the end, Both diary and Play Anne Frank Annoy everyone, and both diary and play Anne Frank Want to be a writer when they grow up.

Differences- The Diary Anne Frank Matures quicker than the Play Anne Frank, In the sense that Anne becomes quieter quicker. The play Anne Frank loves only her Father, while Anne goes on and off loving her Mother in the diary, Anne in the Diary shows that when she gets out she is happy to go to the concentration camp, while the play Anne Frank is just brave to go.

Pivotal Action

A pivotal action that took place in my Novel was Peter breaking the lamp, so the group had to then live in fear of being caught. Peter broke the lamp, because he slipped off the chair when they heard the robber and fell on the lamp. If he had not fell they probably would not have later been caught by the Nazi's