Ancient India

How did geography affect early settlement in India?

Learning Targets

1. I can locate India and its’ geographic features on a map.

2. I can describe the location, landscape, resources, & climate of ancient India.

3. I can determine advantages & disadvantages for people who settled along Rivers.


Let's Think!

Pretend you are a member of a group of people in ancient times. Your group needs to move, and you have been chosen to find the new location. What features or characteristics would you look for in the perfect settlement spot?

How did geography affect early settlement of India?

Physical Features in India

Turn to page 136 in your History Alive textbook.

You are going to learn about 8 key physical features of the Indian subcontinent.

As we read about each physical feature you will label it on the map on pg. 3 of your India Workbook & write a brief description of the feature on pg. 2.

Then, you will rate each feature on a scale of 1-5

1= unsuitable for settlement

5= very suitable for settlement


Look at your map on page 3 in your workbook.

Which area do you think the first settlers of ancient India lived? Why?

So What? How did geography affect early settlement of India?

Recap Learning Targets...

1. Location

2. Resources

3. Advantages and Disadvantages