Acultural Pilgrimage

Las Vegas, Nevada

Travel and Transport

I would drive from Texas to Nevada and it would take around 24 hours. I would spend around 300 dollars in tanks of gas that I would go through(round trip). There i would frive my car which would only be another 100 dallars in gas.

Activities and where I would stay

I would stay at the Bellagio, which would cost me around 1,424. I would drive down the Las Vegas strip, it wouldn't cost anything because i would just drive my car down the strip. I would go watch the Fountains at the Ballagio, it wouldn't cost anything because its outside and I'm staying at the Bellagio. I would drive my car out to the Hoover Dam and it would only cost 20 dollars to go. I would also ride on the gondola which would cost around 80 dollars to do. Their are many show in Las Vegas but i would go see the blue man group which would cost 90 dollars a ticket. The last thing i would do is i would go see the finest art collection in the United states, which would cost 100 dollars a ticket.

Pictures of the places I'm visiting

Over all cost

My over all sot for this cultural pilgrimage would be 2,014 dollars. This is a cultural pilgrimage because Las Vegas is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world and there are so many divers groups of people. They have also taken cultures from all around the world and put it into one city.