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West Homer Elementary--5th Grade

Dates to Remember

February 7 and 8- Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)

February 14- Valentines Day Class Party 2:30-3:00

February 22- Twin Day

February 28- Postcard Book Report due

Classroom Happenings

The month of January is zooming by! In reading last week we reviewed the comprehension strategies that have been covered so far this year and discussed the routines we follow each day in our reading block. This provided an opportunity for students to reflect upon their growth and brainstorm changes that may improve their development as readers. We also added sequencing of main events to our list of comprehension strategies. Students have practiced sequencing through summary writing prior to this week, but practicing the skill in isolation helped break down the complex task of summarizing.

In math students continued to build on their knowledge of fractions by exploring equivalent fractions and continuing to practice adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. This fraction work can be challenging if practice time is not put in. As always, it is very important your child puts in their 10-20 minutes of math homework time in each night. The opportunity to review math concepts at home helps to cement the learning done in class.

In writing we began crafting thesis statements for our next essays by looking back at narrative writing. Students took their narratives from quarter one and asked themselves, "Why is this important?" and "What part of this story connects with my life?” After reviewing ideas from past writing, students were able to develop thesis statements they cared about for their next essay.

Your children are working hard and doing great work! Thank you for the support you provide at home so that learning can happen at school each day. I am privileged to work with your children each day!

What's Next?

This week we will be practicing the reading skills of compare/contrast and monitor/clarify while continuing to read Wonder By: R.J. Palacio with our reading partners. In math students will be practicing simplifying fractions. Finally, in writing we will be discussing the ways essayists frame their writing before drafting. On Friday we will join the other fifth grade classes for a day of Fabulous Fifth Grade Math. Students will rotate through math centers and have the opportunity to work with peers from other classes.

Lipbalm for Lexile

Lipbalm, with the West Homer orca on it, has been purchased as a fundraiser for the library Lexile Project. The lipbalm is on sale in the library. Support the reading growth of WHE students by purchasing a lipbalm!


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IXL Math Practice

Skills that align with our current math studies: L1, L2, L3, L4, M1, M2, M3

Spelling and Vocabulary Practice

Play games and get extra practice with our weekly spelling and vocabulary words on If you need your child's password please let me know!