Arcado PTA January News

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Please Support Arcado's Fundriaser! The Bookfit Bowl!

Every year we depend on successful fundraisers to provide funds necessary to continue offering the best educational opportunities for Arcado students. Financial needs of the school cannot only be met with the current school budget. Because the PTA's fundraisers do not generate the same amounts as it did in the past, the school has needed to host its own fundraiser. If you have any awesome fundraising ideas, please consider volunteering your time with the PTA fundraising committee. Ms Young has agreed to answer the following questions regarding the Bookfit Bowl.
Why are we having a school fundraiser and why do we use a fundraising company to host school fundraiser?Each school year, schools across the country partner with fundraising companies to host fundraising events. The partnership between the school and the company benefits both. The faculty and staff at schools have an academic focus and count on fundraising companies to provide the framework to host successful fundraising events. It is their business and they have an effective business plan that promotes school spirit and monetary reward for the school. In addition, I respect that you as parents are busy with your day to day lives while supporting your student's learning that asking you to take on the task of planning and
executing a fundraiser would be too much.

Why the Bookfit Bowl? There is a plethora of fundraising companies out there that offer different types of fundraising events. The Arcado school staff intentionally selected a company with an academic focus. First and foremost, The BookFit Bowl focuses students' attention on increasing their time reading for enjoyment. Secondly, the bowl's intention is to raise money for school initiatives. School fundraisers allow school staff to select and promote a school initiative. Without school fundraisers we would not be able to supplement the core materials provided through tax payer dollars with school initiatives like classroom libraries.

Why classroom libraries?
Books, books, books! What school community would not want their students to have more books in the classroom. Books are the tools needed for reading and reading is the vehicle for learning. Each classroom will receive a class set of quality fiction and non fiction books. These books become the property of the school and will remain at
Arcado Elementary School.

What about parents that are not in favor of fundraising companies?

I understand that some people are not in favor of school's partnering with fundraising companies. Please keep in mind the school staff could not host such a fundraiser without it impacting the quality of instruction. We must focus our planning and work time on teaching and learning. As your principal, I know that you do not want school staff to take time away for teaching and learning to run a fundraiser.
Boosterthon does all the work for us!!!
The students are excited about raising money for their school! Part of fundraising is helping your student realize the great impact they can have on their school. Support your student's excitement and pride for Arcado!!! Parents shared with me how excited their children were to call family members and ask for a donation. They were also excited to tell the family member that they were reading more during the BookFit Bowl.

EXCITING NEWS ----- As of Monday, January 11 we have reached 77% of our
$15,000 goal. WOW!!! Arcado Pandas Are AWESOME!!!

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