Saving & Investing

McKenna Garside

Both Saving and Investing Are Important

Saving is important because it can help you reach goals and help you weather bad times. Setting aside a portion of your money now can help you cover expenses as they come in the future. To be prepared for a financial emergency, saving your money can help you when you need it. Saving money is also important for the economy, it can help the economy grow. Personal savings provides funds that the bank can lend to businesses for expansion.

Investing is also important because offers rewards but also poses risks. Investing comes with a huge risk, but if you play your cards right, you can be rewarded.

Investing Tips and Options

Risk- A situation involving exposure to danger.

Return- A profit or interest you earn as a payment for an investment.

Liquidity- The availability of liquid assets to a market or company.

First investments should be low risk and things that aren't likely to lose money on. Making investments at a young age can get you a head start if you have a stable put and take account.

There are many options for making investments but it is important to start off being safe. Systemic investments are a good choice for early investments. Making a systematic investment is usually investing a set dollar amount every pay period. You are most likely going to get the largest return from this investment. Another good investment is a strategic investment. Strategic investments may be a good investment if you have extra cash from previous investments. The idea in this investment is diversification and to branch out your investments. People make strategic investments to balance out losses.

Saving Tips and Options

Saving money can help you out with retirement and also help you create a budget.

Put and take accounts are a really good idea. A put and take account holds money that we will need immediately or soon and also holds money that you may need for emergencies. Another option is a savings account. Money deposited in a savings account earns more interest than checkable deposits, but return is still low.