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Godess of the week: Aphrodite <3 <3 <3


The tale of Aphrodite and Adonis is that one day Aphrodite saw a tree nymph ( who was in tree form) give birth to a beautiful mortal baby boy named Adonis. Aphrodite was so moved by his beauty that she decided to give the infant to Persephone queen of the underworld because she lived in such a dark and dreary place with no beauty or happiness. Eventually Adonis grew into a handsome young man and Persephone his caretaker fell in love with Adonis as well as Aphrodite did. The two goddesses argued about who would get to keep the lovely Adonis. Zeus king of gods decided that Adonis would stay in the underworld with Persephone the first four months of the year. The next four months Adonis would stay with Aphrodite and the following four months he would get to choose were he stayed. He chose to stay with Aphrodite because he fell in love with her. This went on for a few years until Aphrodite's other love Ares god of war found out and became jealous of their love and one day while Adonis was walking through the woods a boar that was really Ares came to Adonis and killed him. Adonis did die because he was a mortal and Aphrodite mourned his death for many years.

Godly interview of the week!


R= Reporter

A= Aphrodite <3

R - Im so glad to have you here today! Thank you for coming.

A- Oh its my pleasure thank you for inviting me.

R- Your welcome and may I ask a question based on this week's head story?

A- Go right ahead.

R- Does Ares still get angry when people mention Adonis.

A- Yes , a little bit and well of corse he his. He was jealous enough to kill the man so I'm guessing he still a little jealous.

R- That makes sense. So what is like in the day of you?

A- Normally just helping mortals with their love life but every once and a while something dramatic happens.

R- Do you enjoy being the goddess of love and beauty?

A- I do its nice to see people that I help be happy.

R- That's nice. So tell me if you had to be goddess of just love or beauty which one would you choose?

A- That's a very hard choice but in the end I think I would probably have to choose um goddess of love because only I know how to work the magic of love.

R- Interesting. How many mortals do you help on an average day?

A- I dont know. Probably some where around 35,000 a day at my absolute best and at my absolute worst probably 15,000,

R- Wow thats a lot of people even at your worst how do you manage all of that in a single day?

A- Well gods can do things much quicker than mortals so it actually doesn't take that long but, if I get 35,000 done that means I have been really working that day.

R- Well I hate to say this but were out of time for today but, I enjoyed having you here.

A- I enjoyed being here.

Taylor Swift compared to Aphrodite.

Taylor Swift Both Aphrodite <3

Not real.

Greek Godesss.


Dated many people.

Like the concept of love.

Singer/ songwriter

Human being.

Lives present day in the US