Dwyane Wade

By: Allysa Mooren

There's only five seconds left in the game, and the Heat is down by two. Dwyane Wade is bringing up the ball. Will Dwyane Wade save the day for Miami Heat? "Swish!" "Buzz!" Miami Heat wins! The crowds going crazy! If it wasn't for that three-pointer by Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat would've lost! All thanks to Wade, The Heat won!

Dwyane Wade, other known as D-wade, Flash, or WOW (Way of Wade), grew up in Chicago with his mom, dad, and sister. Their names were Jolinda Wade (mom) , Dwyane Wade Sr. (dad) , and Trogil Wade (sister). His full name is Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. Lots of people think that you spell Dwyane like D-w-a-n-e, or D-w-a-y-n-e. Wade's mom is dyslexic and she got to spell his name, so she spelled it a little antithetically. Dwyane's birthday is January 17, 1982. Right now he is 31 years old and is still enjoying the high degree of basketball!

Dwyane got married in 2002, but got divorced in the year of 2010. He was married for eight years and now has two boys. Zaire is ten years old and Zion is five years old. Flash was married to Siohvaughn Funches.

D-wade is known for being a five time NBA all-star. He won the championship with Miami Heat in 2006. In the same year he was named finals MVP. After all, Flash is known for being a tremendously good basketball player. I think he is the best basketball player ever!

Lots of people know Dwyane Wade as just a basketball player, but he's more than that. He's a loving father, an astounding team-mate, an inspiring man, and much more!

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