Force and motion

Force and motion !


Today I will be showing you guys what force and motion is, simple machines, and Newtons laws of motion. Force is a push or a pull on a object, a motion is the reaction to a force. A simple machine makes work easier, the simple machines are pulleys, levers, wedges, inclined plane, screw, and the wheel and axle. There are 3 Laws of motion, so lets get to it!

Simple machines

Simple machines make work easier to do. The pulley is a rope attached to a round object for the rope to slide on, the more the pulleys the easier the work. Levers is a beam with a fulcrum at the bottom the fulcrum separates the load and the effort force. A wedge is a force that splits a object in half, a good example of a wedge is a knife a knife cuts through and splits the object. A inclined plane is a ramp it makes a object just slide up a ramp instead of just lifting it up by hand. A screw is a inclined plane just wrapped around a nail. The wheel and axle is simple, the wheel is set on the axle and the axle does not move but the wheel does making anything attached to the axle move with the wheel.
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Newtons Laws

The first law of motion is, objects at rest stay at rest and things in motion stay in motion unless acted upon by another force, a example is if a golf ball is on a tee it will not move unless the club hits it. The second law states the stronger the force the more the acceleration, a example is to move a basketball I pushed it but if I pushed it harder it would bounce higher. The third law states for every action there is an opposite reaction, a example is if a rocket just took off the force is pushing down making the rocket go up.
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