21 Century Extended Learning Opportunites

What is the 21st. Extended Learning Opportunities Program?

The 21st. Extended Learning Opportunities Program offers students (K-8) exciting afternoon and summer programming within the four schools of the Caledonia Central Supervisory Union: Barnet, Peacham, Danville, and Walden. Support for this program comes from the State of Vermont, 21st. Century, Community Learning Center. For more information about this Agency of Education program go to State of Vermont 21Century. Or, visit the CCSU program website.

When is the Extended Learning Opportunities program expected to begin?

We have set the first full week in October as our goal for Barnet and Peacham schools, and the first full week in November for Danville and Walden. To meet these targets we need Site Coordinators and other program staff in place at each of the schools, and programs lined up to fill afternoon schedules.

What days and times will the program be offered?

Once up and running, programs will begin at dismissal and end with parent pick up at 5:30PM, Monday - Friday. During the school year, there will be four eight week sessions. Programming will not be offered during breaks. During the summer months, six weeks of programming will occur at two of our schools.