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Greetings Bobcat Families,

Thank you for helping to make the start to the 2015-2016 school year very successful. We made a few strategic changes to how we began this school year. So far the results have been overwhelmingly positive. This year at Beacon Hill school we are focusing on improving our school-wide attendance. By reviewing data from the last few years we noticed that student absences and tardies were increasing. Research shows that when students miss more than 5% of the school year (9 days) their academic success is greatly affected.

As your child’s guardian, I am asking you to do the following things to help us reduce the absences and tardies at Beacon Hill:

1. Avoid bringing your child to school late and/or checking them out early from school. Both of these times at school are very important to student’s academic success and social well-being.

2. Try not to schedule appointments during the school day.

3. Teach children proper hand washing, make sure they drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.

4. Keep your child home from school if they are sick and contagious to others.

By working together as a team we can reduce our number of tardies and absences at school, which will lead towards students being more successful. Don’t hesitate to contact me with additional ideas or questions.


Tim Yore

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Transportation Changes

If there are changes in the going home arrangements for your children, please notify the office in writing. This helps solve much of the “last minute on-the-way-to-the-bus” confusion. You can send a note with your student to school, fax it to us at 501-1455 or email us at All changes need to be into the office one hour before dismissal.