The Constitution

Vicki Hakki

What did it do?

Made federal law the overall law of the land when constitutional. However, it gave the states a generous amount of leeway to govern themselves.

Balance of power

The senate was created to make a balance of power with the smaller and bigger states.

Each state has two senators regardless of size and population.

While the House of Representatives is based on the sates population.

3 co-equal branches were created to avoid too-powerful central government. Legislative, executive and judicial branches have many checks and balances among them.

Three-fifths compromise

Three-fifths compromise stated that every slave counted as Three- fifths of a person when determining representation in the United States House of Representatives.

George Wahington

President of the convention. He participated in many of the debates. Became the first president of the United States.

James Madison

Father of the constitution. Led most of the debates and took notes on everything. Later authored the "Virginia plan" and the "Bill of rights"