The Caldecott Award!

by Jackson Jones

The Biggest Bear!

The biggest bear is a boy a boy name Johnny. all his neighbors had bear skin on there walls. And he wanted one himself. So he went out hunting for a bear. And he found this little bear and he took it to his house and loved it. But bear started to every thing until one day he was so big. And his dad told him to put it back in the woods and Johnny did but the bear came the next day.He did one more time he came back again. his dad said to kill him! Johnny wanted to but did not the bear went to the zoo and Johnny gave him brown sugar every time he came.

The Biggest Bear - Lynd Ward

Lynd Ward

Lynd Ward was a American artist and storyteller. Known for his seiries of wordless novels. Using word ingraving and his illustrations for juvinile and adults books.His worldless novels have influenced the development of the graphic novel. And in the Eisner hall of fame.

why this won the award.

I compair this to other picure books beacause it is a good story for every one. And I just dont think othres have this th art is good. So I feel like it is a good book for every body.It is nice how they put so much detail into it. It is cool how at first he wants one for bear skin but then he loves it. And looked sad when he had to leave but he came to se him every day.

Comparing books The Biggest Bear vs This is not my Hat.

Pros: The Biggest Bear. It is a good touching book about a boy who wants bear skin. He finds on but dose not hurt it. So it is nice to se that.

Cons:for the biggest Bear is. Just maybe a little more on what happend when he went to the zoo.

Pros:This is not my hat. This is not my hat is a rush of fun. I mean the fish stals a hat from a big fish and is swimming away. But he thinks every thing is ok but something happens and the big fish eats him.

Cons:I wish the fish did not die but it is ok.

The caldecott award is given to one book. But not just any book a picure book. Some are given because it is good for this age catagorey. and some are for how good and disriptive they are. It is a gret honor.You can win as a author more than one year so it is cool and that is all.

what year it won!

It won in 1953.It tells you that you do get what you whant even thogh it is not the way you planned it. And it ias a good book. Lynd Ward had good art also the made me hungry every time i read the book.