CHERUB: The Recruit

By Robert Muchamore


5 stars

"Wow. Just wow"- John Koehl

5 Stars

"My son read entire series- loved these books"- Shawn


Cherub: The Recruit is 342 pages long.

It was published in 2004 in the UK and 2005 in the US

It is by Robert Muchamore


An amazing page turning book that you won't be able to stop reading


The genre of CHERUB: The Recruit is probably realistic fiction because the content in this book could happen, it is just not very likely.

James Adams and his Problem

James is an average kid who just lost his mom. He later ends up in a place that offers him a job as a child spy. Because he wants to do a mission for the organization, CHERUB, He is put through one hundred days of grueling basic training. Will he survive........

Training and Missions

If James can finish basic training, he will go on a dangerous undercover mission to Fort Harmony, where two horrible teenagers, Fire and world, are trying to make a bacterial weapon.

My Favorite part

My favorite part was reading all about James fighting during Basic training. In my opinion It was really neat to see James learn a bunch of self-defense moves and tactics

Will You read on?

Will you continue to read to see if James can make through Basic Training or if he can stop Fire and World from destroying all of humanity.

5 Stars in my Opinion!