Unite as One


Being Kind is Important

Have you ever had a bad day? Or have you ever been affected by someone who is having a bad day? Have you ever stopped to think about what could you do to make their day better? Well today is the day! Just do something nice and start out small. Just giving a hug or just say hello. Be kind and generous to others.

One Small Act Every Day Is Enough.

Not everything you do has to be big. If you see someone sad or they seem in anyway blue just pop a joke or hold the door open for them. Draw them a picture or give them a piece of gum without them asking. Open your heart up be kind to everyone.



Everyone deserves to be treated nicely throughout their lifetime. Be Kind.

Stop the Hate. Don't Bully

Throughout time the wold has seen many Beatles and war. Now, it's facing an even greater threat. Bullying. Bullying leads to depression which can lead to self harm and suicide. Let's stop hating and start loving. Unite as One and Spread the Peace.
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