Room 3 News

Week of February 10-14,2014

What we will be learning this week.....

* Language Arts Unit 4 Week 2- Family Teams

-Vocabulary: concerned, fortunate, member, share, trust

- Grammar: Has and Have

- Phonics: words with Long e

-Spelling Words: me, feed, seat, we, keep, beak, play, rain, give, write

- Skill: Character and Setting

*Math: story problems, even and odd and adding and subtracting to 20.

* Science- solids, liquids and gas

A BIG welcome to Leeo Odenat, a new student in our class!

Thank you to all the parent volunteers, I really do appreciate you time and energy.

Friday we will celebrate Valentine's Day. I am hoping the children are all busy making cards for all their friends in the class! You can start sending the cards in on Tuesday. Each child will have a special bag for incoming cards. It is always so cute to watch them open the cards and go to each other and say "Thank you for my card!". The room mom's have provided us with a snack for that day. The celebration will begin at 9:45 to 10:30 if you want to join us, feel free to stop by!

Important Notes:

February is San Diego Museum Month

Passes available now

Experience half-price admission at more than three-dozen local museums, monuments, historical sites, and gardens in February, including Birch Aquarium. Pick up a “Culture Card” now at any Macy’s store in the county. The culture card admits up to four guests to participating centers.

Winter Break starts Feb. 15th!