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December 20, 2019

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Fin'tastic CES Students Are:

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A Special Invitation: See more information below!

CES Deep Learning
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Important Dates:

No School 12/23-1/1

January 2:

  • 1st day of classes in 2020!
  • School Council (2:30pm; CES conference room)

January 8:

  • Proud to be a SHARK Community event (1:30pm; CES gymnasium)

January 9:

  • CES PTO Meeting-all welcome (2:30pm; CES conference room)
  • MRSD School Committee (MRHS media center; 6:30pm)

Join us at the school committee meeting as CES presents information about our selection as one of only 21 schools selected to participate in the state of Massachusetts Department of Education's Kaleidoscope Collective! Our teachers will also share their highlights from their trip to the Global Learning Lab and the visits to exemplar "deep learning" schools in Canada. Stay tuned for more information on the Kaleidoscope and our community forum on our participation in this collective soon.

January 15:

  • Early Release Wednesday (student dismissal 1:35pm)

January 16:

  • SAVE the date for our first "Family Night of Deep Learning!" Bring the children, bring your creativity and be willing to collaborate, communicate and have some learning fun! 6-7pm, CES gymnasium. More information to follow soon.

January 20:

  • No school-Martin Luther King Day

January 23:

  • MRSD School Committee (MRHS media center; 6:30pm)

January 29:

  • Early Release Wednesday (student dismissal 1:35pm)
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It's Official! The Best Place to Play, Chatham Community Playground at CES is ready. We are just waiting for the inspection so that we can use the area. Ribbon cutting ceremony will be held the week we return. Stay tuned for date.

All Welcome to Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Where: At the gates to the playground (enter through the front parking lot, not the building)

Who: Caregivers, CES Playground Committee Members, all that contributed time, talents, and treasures, and of course, all CES students!

What: We will have a short ceremony at the gates, then cut the ribbon. Students and staff will then place their "Kindness Rock" contributions near our buddy bench. Then, we will have time to play!

We cannot possibly thank all that helped create, support, and push this project along over the past 5 years. The list is exhaustive, but please know, we are so very grateful!

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Weekly Article: "Ask Me About..."

Each week the grade level teams will publish two to three statements for caregivers to use as conversation starters with their child(ren). Although the Scoop is a great place to see and discuss end-of-learning products, these "ask me about" conversation starters will help promote discussions about current learning. For additional questions to ask your child about school, please visit "Understood's" article:

How to Say It: Better Questions to Ask Your Child About School and keep us updated on how these questions are working!

Ask Me About...From PreK

Where were some of the places the Gingerbread Man escaped to in our building when he left our room?

What did some of the characters on a dreidel mean?

Where does our Flat Stanley go when he leaves our classroom?

Ask Me About...From Grade K

Ask me to sing my favorite song from our JINGLE!

Ask me to tell you about the setting of one of the Gingerbread stories

Ask me how I would use force to help the gingerbread man cross the river safely.

Ask Me About...From Grade 1

In the story “Sea Animals”, why did the author use real pictures with the text? What information did you learn from the pictures?

Name some shapes and how many sides and corners each shape has.

What are the names of some geometric solids (solid shapes)?

Ask Me About About...From Grade 2

  • My favorite part ofthe Kids Can Make A Difference story.
  • Compare and contract two characters in two stories.

Ask Me About...From Grade 3

  • How I use evidence from the text to support my answer.
  • How I solve multiplication problems using more than one strategy.

Ask Me About...From Grade 4

  • What fraction measurements have we worked with this month on our calendar?

  • Describe your Culture in a Can presentation.

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Attendance Matters:

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SAVE the DATE: January 16th from 6-7pm for our First "Family Deep Learning Night!" Click below for special invite!

CES Deep Learning
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Deep Learning Family Night!

Thursday, Jan. 16th 2020 at 6-7pm

147 Depot Road

Chatham, MA

You are cordially invited to our Night of Deep Learning at CES. We will develop a shared understanding of what deep learning is, what it should look like within our classrooms and schools, and how it will benefit CES learners-now and into their futures.

Students are ENCOURAGED to attend with their caregivers as there will be break-out sessions for students to engage in deep learning activities.

Please RSVP for this event so that we can prepare the proper amount of materials. We will also send out a sign up sheet for break out sessions after our winter break. All who attend will be eligible to win door prizes.

Watch this special invitation:

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

CES Students Take A Deep Dive Into Learning By Developing Our Next "C": Citizenship

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Mrs. King's class news

We joined with Mrs. Frommeyer's class to perform a Holiday Jingle for our families. Oh, what fun it was to sing!!

We have been learning about different story elements as we have been reading multiple versions of the Gingerbread Man. We are learning where on a book cover we can identify the title, author and illustrator. We are learning about characters and setting. We are making connections with similarities and differences in the books that we have read. We are have made predictions.

We read The Gingerbread Boy but stopped right before the ending and wrote what we thought would happen. Here are our predictions:

We have taken the information we have learned about force and worked in teams to create a means by which the gingerbread man could safely cross the river. As a team we collaborated and created our inventions. We tested them, reflected on how they worked and modified our plans.

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Pre-School News:

Monday, we decorated cards, traced lines, and played kitchen bingo. In the AM class, we Skyped with our pen pals at Harwich Elementary School. Each child was given a special card in their bags from their pen pal that answered their "I wonders."

Thursday was a festive day. We played the dreidel game at the academic table. Students learned the concepts all, half, zero, and give one. Later, we read the book The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School. All of a sudden, our cookie went missing. There were clues throughout the school. We eventually found him and ate him!

Friday, students stayed in their pajamas and relaxed. We watched a short movie and ate popcorn!

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CES Chorus and Violinists Perform at the Reassurance Luncheon Hosted by CPD

More about this program from the Chatham PD:

The Chatham Police Department offers the Reassurance Program to members of our community (of all ages), especially senior citizens, persons with disabilities, persons that live alone, persons that care for spouse, family member or other person in the household, or persons that face other challenges that put them at increased risk in their homes. Participation in the program is completely voluntary and there is no cost to members. The Chatham Police Department is pleased to offer this program, in conjunction with the Chatham Council on Aging and Chatham Fire Department, as a service to the residents of Chatham. Members of the reassurance program call a designated telephone number at the Chatham Police Department on a daily basis, generally between 5:00 AM & 10:00 AM and give their name to the police dispatcher. If the member has not called in by 10:00 AM a call is placed to his/her residence. If no contact is made by telephone, a police officer is sent to the members’ residence to ensure they are o.k. If the responding officer has reason to believe that the reassurance member is home and for some reason unable to answer the telephone or unable to come to the door, the police officer or fire department rescue personnel will make entry into the home. In these situations, access to the residence is gained through the use of a fire department lock box. A "lock box" is a piece of hardware, mounted to the exterior of the home, containing a spare key to the residence. The lock box is a heavy duty unit that can only be unlocked by the Chatham Fire Department. There are approximately 80 current members of the Chatham Police Department Reassurance Program. During summer the number of members increases to over 100. The Chatham Police Department is pleased to offer this valuable service to residents of Chatham. If you have any questions about the program or need assistance with the registration form, please call the police department at (508) 945-1213 or COA at (508) 945-5190. Registration forms are available at the Chatham Police Department, 249 George Ryder Road or at the Chatham Council on Aging, Senior Center, 193 Stony Hill Road. Registration forms are also available on the Town of Chatham website on the Departments tab for Police or Council on Aging.

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"Kindness Club" works tirelessly on "Citizenship" stickers and "flip books" in preparation for the "New Year."

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General School Information

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2019-2020 CES PTO Meetings Will Be Held on the 2nd THURSDAY of Each Month-ALL Welcome

CES PTO Student Directory 2019-2020

Please click here for the 2019-2020 PTO School Directory.

To add to/change/edit the student directory, CLICK here

Please contact the school office to update our database, and click here to update the CES PTO Directory.

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4th Grade News:

As part of our 4th grade study of immigration, this week celebrated immigrants and their "stories"! We welcomed 3 families from Peru and Bulgaria who spoke of traditions, push and pull factors, struggles and successes of their move to the U.S.! The culture and stories of Hong Kong were celebrated as an adoption process was shared, too.

In addition, kids shared their own heritages in the form of a "Culture in a Can" presentation! This was a three-week project that required research of firsthand and secondhand accounts, including a live video chat.

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2019-2020 School Council Members:

2019-2020 School Council members:

Ms. Meghan Lampert (EL teacher)

Ms. Lenore Chieffo (Gr 3 teacher)

Ms. Lindsay Bierwirth (CES parent)

Ms. Ann Barnard (Gr 2 teacher)

Ms. Kathy Ware (Library Media teacher)

Ms. Maegan Story (MRSD parent and community representative)

Ms. Jessica Rogers (CES parent)

Ms. Deb Lopes (CES parent)

Dr. Millen (Principal)

The CES School Council meets the first Thursday of each month from 2:30-3:30pm.

Meeting agenda and minutes for upcoming and from past meetings online.

Click here for the 2018-2021 Schoolwide Improvement Plan

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Quote of the Issue:

Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed. -C. Robert

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Please Visit the Mini-Library at Lake Street Terrace Apartments

As part of a community-supported project to ensure that students from Chatham Elementary School have easy access to books when not in school, Monomoy Regional School District led a project to build and install free lending libraries for the youth in the community. The first of these little free libraries have been placed near the front office at the Lake Street Terrace Apartments in Chatham, to offer convenient access to books for the young people who live in that area. This was a true community project that was made possible completely by donations and volunteers, and we want to thank all of the organizations and businesses that supported it: members of the Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club Woodworkers Group helped with plans and design work, and created and built the library boxes - many thanks to Steve Patzman, Wayne Glifort, project leader Mark Dennen, and the late Joe Linehan for their hard work and care building the library boxes; Shepley Wood Products donated all lumber and wood for the project; Baskins Ace Hardware donated nails, screws, knobs, plexiglass, and more; West Marine donated clamshell vents; Chatham Elementary School students and custodians painted the boxes and the custodial team helped with installation, and Principal Robin Millen was integral in encouraging the project; and the management at Lake Street Terrace Apartments welcomed our partnership and graciously allowed us to place the library box near their main office for easy and protected access to children and families. The volunteers and donors were so generous that we were able to create two boxes, and are deciding on the best location for the second box to be installed. Early literacy is such an important part of children's growth and development, and we are excited to help encourage a lifelong love of reading among young people in our community. Many thanks to all who made this important project a reality!
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Community News:

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We wanted to share this story from a CCCP family

“Jacob is thriving. He is happy, secure, energetic and kind. He is being raised by a village. Every single day I am grateful for my village.”

Those are words of a Grandmother raising her grandson. I asked that Grandmother if I could share her story as I try to tell our story. The story of Cape Cod Children’s Place and how we play a significant role in the village she speaks of. Cape Cod Children’s Place believes in building families from the inside out to identify their strength and use that as the starting point rather than focus on the broken pieces. Our Grandmother’s strength was her desire to be the parent her grandson needed.

We have built our philosophy on what are called the Protective Factors. When we engage families with these as our focus we build within them Resiliency.

Parental Resilience, Social Connections, Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development, Concrete Support in Times of Need, Social and Emotional Competence in Children.

These protective factors are the building blocks of a healthy family. Cape Cod Children’s Place provides the tools and building blocks to allow families to build the home they want to live in.

Parental resilience: Support groups for parents and family members when they feel they have no place to turn, such as Grandparents Raising Grandchildren or Baby’s First Year. Parents learn they are not alone in experiencing these challenges.

Social connections: Opportunities for parents and caregivers to share a meal or an experience. At our Intergenerational Dinners or free playgroups promoting early literacy. These events create opportunities for families to build friendships.

Knowledge of parenting and child development: Free parenting classes that provide skills and strategies to support this very important job, with free dinner and childcare to remove the obstacles that prevent parents/- caregivers from participating.

Concrete support in times of need: Access to food, clothing and winter jackets when finances don’t provide enough for these essentials.

Social and emotional competence in children: Help for parents to set children up for success by providing them the tools to build emotionally intelligent children.

“I have been raising Jacob for almost two years now and it has been a very difficult but rewarding road. There were quite a few days/nights I didn’t think I would make it. He came to me traumatized, with big issues. It is a continuing process and with each new hurdle it gives me the strength to persevere knowing I have outstretched hands to help me when needed.”

Those words can speak to all of us and the challenges of raising children. These programs and services are available to families because of generous donors like you. Your support provides families with the tools they need to raise happy, healthy children.

It is my hope that you will make a donation today and provide a helping hand to children and families on Cape Cod.

Peace and Gratitude,

Cindy Horgan

Executive Director, CCCP

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