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Issue 7, October 29, 2018


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Our Knights had a great game on Thursday and came out on top as our League Champions. Come out to support Foothill on November 2nd against Aliso Niguel!
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Film and Television

Four Foothill High School Students traveled to New York City to see their films on the big screen in the AMC Times Square. Daria Zand, Eli McKenzie, Lauren Jernigan, and Charlie Zehner all traveled over the weekend of October 5-7 to take part as their films official selections in the All American High School Film Festival. The students also took part in film and television workshops and had a chance to meet other students from around the country as well.
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International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidates Visit the Getty Center!

Each year, the IB Booster Club sponsors an annual field trip for our hard-working IB diploma candidates. On Tuesday, October 23rd, our 30 senior candidates and 40 junior candidates spent the day viewing art and strolling through the gardens at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The candidates alternate every other year between the Getty Center and the Huntington Library in San Marino, so that upon completion of the program, each student has the opportunity to visit both of these local world-class museums.

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A Message from Your ASB

Hey Knights! We hope you enjoyed Red Ribbon Week last week! We love the positive message Red Ribbon Week sends out to our students. In other news, our Staff vs. Student Basketball Game will be on Wednesday, November 7th. If you are participating, then we can’t wait to see you face off against some of our favorite Foothill teachers! If not, we hope to see you there watching the game! We know it’ll be a great one. We also have Mr. Foothill coming up! If you are interested in being a part of this super fun event, then make sure you sign up! Any senior boy is eligible. This event is a very fun way to get involved on campus, and we encourage you to participate! Mr. Foothill will be on Friday, December 7th. We are getting closer to the end of our first semester, and we hope you are having as much fun as we are. Stay tuned for more fun events and activities! See you soon Knights!

Club S.H.O.C.K.

Club S.H.O.C.K. (Students for Hospitalized Orange County Kids) is an organization created by Andrzej Kwapisz and Tiffany Vong to help patients at Health Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tustin. The club members volunteers every month by making gift bags for the children, or by organizing events directly at the hospital. All of the events have seasonal themes to get the patients in a holiday spirit. In October, club members decorated the hospital for Halloween and prepared DIY crafts for the children to do on their own. By volunteering at the hospital, the club members hope those who are interested in the medical field gain experience. Club members are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of the patients at the hospital.

Breakfast Club a Success

The first Breakfast Club meeting was a success! 40 students came out for the Stress Management workshop held on October 24th. The workshop discussed what stress is and positive ways to help deal with stress. Foothill Counseling Department has partnered with Western Youth Services to provide students with workshops focusing on wellness, balance, and self-care, the "Breakfast Club" will offer these informal workshops throughout the year free of service to students.

Our next workshop is November 28 at 8:00 am for Mindful Meditation for students.

Knights in Mathematics

Students in their mathematics classes at Foothill have the opportunity to use technology to enhance their learning experience. Here, you can see students in a Geometry class working on to explore why the “Side Side Angle” method is not valid to prove that triangles are congruent.
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Why should parents care about Digital Citizenship?

In order to keep students safe, it’s important for them to become good digital citizens and learn how to use technology responsibly. So, what is digital citizenship? Digital Citizenship is the practice of using the Internet and technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.

When should your student be public?
Ages 0-13 – Should have an entirely private online presence.
Ages 14-15 – Start having a family discussion regarding what should be public.
Age 15 – Consider posting some positive images and volunteer photos on social media.
Age 17 – Colleges should be able to find a positive online footprint for your student.

Digital Citizenship 3 step plan

  1. Audit your student’s online image – Use Google to see what’s out there
  2. Dialog with your student about their future (and where they want to go)
  3. Create content to improve their online image – Make content that is congruent with their college application

Why should parents care about Digital Citizenship?

● The consequences of making a mistake online can lead to dangerous situations
College admission officers and employers review applicants’ digital footprints, so it’s essential to ensure you have a positive online image

● Students may be unaware that social networking sites and apps could be sharing their personal information with third parties

● Access to technology increases the chance of your student being exposed to inappropriate content

● A lack of balance between screen time and time spent offline can lead to sleep deprivation

● Teens who spend a lot of time on social media tend to rely on social validation which has a negative effect on their self-esteem

How to become a good Digital Citizen

● Parents: Take time with students and go through all of their past social media images

● Delete inappropriate images or posts that may not represent your current maturity level

● Use one profile photo across all social media accounts, so you are easily identifiable

● If you’re a Teen (and have your parents’ permission): Consider creating a LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ account under your real name. These will positively impact your digital footprint on Google

● On your Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts, add links to websites where your achievements are featured, such as a school website, or team sports website

● Use your full name (including middle) in the bio sections

● List school, hobbies, awards and sports accomplishments in your account descriptions

● Highlight volunteer and extracurricular activities

● When posting photos online, consider including your city name and school name in some of the bios or captions below the photos to make sure those are discovered by Google

Before posting anything online, ask yourself:

  1. Will this post help (or hurt) my chances of my dream college accepting me to my dream major?
  2. How would I feel if this post was shown publicly to my peers, neighbors, or to my relatives?

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TUSD College & Career Fair

TUSD College & Career Fair will be on November 5, 6pm – 8pm, in the Tustin Sports Pavilion! There will be breakout workshops featuring UC,CSU, FAFSA, and Community College! Ms. Sanchez has a flyer available in the College & Career Center, if you are interested in the schedule for the evening and which colleges will be participating in the event.
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