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Breakfast Program Is Coming!!!

We are excited to announce that starting in September 2017, Boissevain School will be offering some breakfast for students from K-12. The idea behind the program is not to "replace" a home breakfast completely, but rather to offer a supplement to a home breakfast. Have you ever had one of those mornings where everyone is running late and you're lucky to get out the door with all kids dressed...and then realize you forgot to feed them? We ALL have, so this breakfast option is PERFECT for situations like that but regardless of the situation all students are invited to partake if they wish to do so.

Our community is very fortunate to have many volunteers and community programs and this is reflected in our school, which provides numerous opportunities for students to thrive. We are happy to provide a healthy breakfast to all students who feel hungry when they walk through our doors, with no questions asked.

The breakfast program will consist of healthy food including yogurt, homemade muffins, fresh fruit and granola bars. Muffins will be homemade by our very own Amy Kroeker!

The breakfast program will be set up as a simple grab and go style so that students can grab something as they walk by on their way into the school.

We are very grateful to the Sunrise Credit Union, Boundary Co-op, UCT and the Full Belly! Full Mind! program offered by Dupont Pioneer for sponsoring this program. All money

donated will go towards purchasing food and supplies for the Breakfast program.

Academic Awards Night- September 12th!

Fall Kickoff-September 14th-looking forward to seeing you there!

Busy B and Grade 7 & 8

Please remember that if your student is going to go to the Busy Bee for lunch that there must be a note indicating this is done with your permission. Our number one concern is ensuring everyone's safety and this will help us do that. Please either email, or send a handwritten note to their homeroom teachers.


Kindness is a major theme in our school this year. We have a committee of teachers that will be planning different ways to promote Kindness and recognize it in our student body. Teaching Kindness is a positive way to counter bullying. Click here to see a list of ideas for acts of Kindness that you could share with your family.

BCI Events/Schedule

  • Sept. 12 Academic Awards

    Sept. 14th Fall Kick Off

    Sept. 18 Picture Day 5-8

    Sept. 19 Picture Day 9-12

    **** Date Change**** Sept. 21 Picture Day K-4

    Sept. 25 Terry Fox Day Events

    Sept. 27 Early Dismissal PD 2-4pm Sept. 30 Volleyball Tournament

    Boissevain Online Calendar

Information and Contacts

Please follow us on Facebook here: Boissevain School Facebook Page. We are working on some new ways to share information with families. Also, remember to check out the calendar on the Boissevain School Website frequently to stay up to date on school events.