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St. Peter School exists to provide a nurturing environment where students become Disciples of Jesus Christ, embrace the love of lifelong learning, and believe in the dignity of all people.

“Pray, hope, and don't worry.” Padre Pio

Dear Parents,

I hope that this summer was kind to all of you and that you were able to spend some family time together to catch up and celebrate all that is good. As we look forward to the new school year, the quote by Padre Pio noted above seems to be a perfect way to begin. While we all hoped to be able to put COVID behind us, we are still not out of the woods yet. Progress has been made, but we still have a ways to go.

This summer has been spent preparing St. Peter School to welcome our students in a warm, safe and caring way. We continue to work closely with the Diocese of Bridgeport and are in consultation with the Danbury Public Schools nursing department and the health department regarding various practices and protocols. The situation we are currently facing changes almost daily. The reopening plan was shared with parents earlier in the week and is posted on the website. A copy is attached to this newsletter as well. Please read it over carefully. Our singular goal continues to focus on promoting the health and safety of our students, staff, and school families. As we have seen, this pandemic keeps changing everything. As things keep changing, you will be apprised as soon as possible.

Some important reminders...

Face Coverings

We all know that face coverings are one of the best ways to reduce the risk of COVID 19 transmission. Therefore, students are required to provide and to wear masks. Students are required to wear masks during times when social distancing can not occur. Mask breaks will be offered throughout the school day. (Extra masks will be available - just ask!)

Morning Procedures:

We will begin receiving students at 8:00 AM unless prior arrangements have been for Before Care. Note well: It is more important than ever for students to be dropped off on time. If a student is tardy, the parent will need to park, walk their child to the side door and remain until someone is able to greet the student. School officially begins at 8:25 for K-8 students. Students are considered tardy after that time. No adults are allowed to enter the building and walk their child(ren) to the classroom.We will ensure that they safely reach their destination.

  • PreK families will continue to enter St. Peter School through the Playground Door.
  • Students who are dropped off by a parent/guardian will enter via the Playground Door. Parents are reminded to use the Rectory driveway to enter the St. Peter School playground lot for drop off and pick up.
  • Students who arrive via bus will enter the building using the side door across from the Rectory.
  • Morning Prayer/Pledge/Announcements will begin precisely at 8:35 daily.

Afternoon Procedures:

Students are dismissed at 2:40 PM each day. Early dismissal is at 12:30 PM. Emergency Early dismissal is at 11:50 AM. Please stagger your arrival.

Students who are picked up after school will be dismissed from their classroom to the playground parking lot. Upon arrival, the staff member in the lot will radio the names of the student(s) being picked up. A staff member will be waiting near the playground doorway to ensure they get into the correct car. Be mindful about driving carefully around the children by taking your cell phone calls at a later time, and staying in line.

Students who take the bus home will be called by bus to meet a staff member at the Rectory side door. They will be walked to the bus by a staff member.

Students who are walkers will need to bring a note. They will be dismissed by their classroom teacher at 2:40. They will exit through the door across from the Rectory.

Before Care/After-Care:

Students who are participating in this program will receive specific instructions in the next week. This will be by reservation ONLY. After Care/Before Care begins on September 7, 2021.

News about Breakfast and Lunch Program:

Breakfast and lunch will be available for all students at no cost just like last year.

Breakfast will be available in each classroom in the morning. Lunch will be "grab and go” on early dismissal days. On regular days, students will pick up their lunch in the cafeteria and eat in their classrooms. Students are permitted to bring their own water and snacks/meals; however, sharing is not permitted.

School Handbook:

The School Handbook is available on the website and within this newsletter. Hard copies will be sent home with the youngest student in the family on August 30th. This handbook identifies the policies and procedures we will follow during the 2021-2022 school year. School safety, student learning, and communication continue to be among our highest priorities.

It is mandatory that the Signature Pages and Acceptable Use Policy located in the packet which will be send home with the youngest student on Monday, August 30th be completed and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher no later than September 17th. This information is included in this newsletter. All signature pages will be kept on file in the office.

Behavior Expectations:

These expectations are outlined in the handbook. Classroom teachers will be sharing individual classroom expectations with families as well.


In addition to Facebook, Instagram, the St. Peter School Website, phone, text messages and e-mail, a monthly newsletter will be sent to families electronically in an effort to maintain ongoing communication between home and school. Note Well: This newsletter can be translated into any language by clicking Translate.

Tuition Policy for COVID - 19:

Due to continuing financial obligations relating to operations costs, including administration, faculty and staff salaries, there will be no suspension, reduction, or refund of tuition or applicable fees.

Building Updates:

This has been a busy summer at St. Peter School! In addition to a thorough cleaning of the building, the front entryway is in the process of being transformed. A new floor, updated ceiling lights and a brightly painted hallway have given our school an updated facelift. Touch up painting has been ongoing as well throughout the summer. We are grateful for the hard work so many folks put into making this school look bright and welcoming.

In Summary:

School begins at 8:25 on Monday, August 30 for our K-8 students. We will have a 12:30 dismissal on Monday, August 30th and Tuesday, August 31st. Full days begin on Wednesday, September 1. On full days, our K-8 students dismiss at 2:40.

School Hours are as follows:

K- 8 Full Days - 8:25 - 2:40

K - 8 Early Dismissal Days - 8:25 - 12:30

Students must stay home if they are feeling sick, have a temperature of 100.0 degrees or above, have any symptoms consistent with COVID 19, have traveled to a location on the quarantine list, or have had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID 19. We ask that parents refrain from administering any fever-reducing medications prior to sending children to school to avoid risk of transmitting any infection to another person.. If a child becomes ill and must go home, arrangements for pick-up must be done within the half hour.

Masks are expected to be worn by students, staff, and visitors daily until further notice. This is based on the current state and local mandates.

No visitors will be allowed in the school unless an appointment has been made. In most cases, appointments will be conducted by telephone/Google Meet/video conference.

School procedures will be reassessed and changed as needed to promote the safety of all.

Mass will be celebrated weekly and protocols will be followed.

Classrooms and common areas will be cleaned daily as part of routine cleaning practices.

Hand sanitizing stations will be placed at each entrance and throughout the building. Hand washing with soap and water will be encouraged as well whenever possible.

Classrooms will be set up to allow for maximum strategic social distancing and to limit face-to-face contact as necessary and based on current protocols. Middle school students WILL be able to change classes this year.

Outside time will occur in cohorts (to the extent possible) on a scheduled basis.

Students will not move freely about the building as in the past, but will be able to switch classes for PE, Music, Spanish, and Art if warranted and scheduled.

Open House details will be shared in a later message, but will likely be done virtually.

We understand that there is a delay in the processing of uniform orders. IF your child does not yet have uniform, it is expected that he/she will attend school wearing neat clothing, i.e. no jeans, etc.

If your child is going to be picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian, send in a note for the teacher or call the office. The person picking up your child will be required to show identification before your child is released.

Athletic Association:

If you are able to get involved with any sports (basketball, track, cross country), please let me know as soon as possible. ( Thank you in advance for your consideration! We want to be able to offer our students this extracurricular opportunity.

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you for your kind attention to the many details associated with beginning this new and different school year. Please know that you will continue to be updated as the year progresses. Our primary objective is to provide a safe environment for all as we look forward to coming together as a community.

I also want to thank the St. Peter School staff members for their tireless work in getting rooms ready for their students. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and caring group of staff members who give of themselves for the good of their students.

On behalf of Father Mecca and the St. Peter school community, we are eager to welcome you and your children to this new school year. The faith-based education you have chosen is fueled by the powerful presence of God's love. Together we pray for God’s blessings on St. Peter School and the parish community. We pray for wisdom, strength, hope, and God’s grace as we continue to plan for the new school year. We also pray for the safety and health of our St. Peter community members. As the opening quote states, our faith reminds us to pray, hope and don’t worry. May Our Lady continue to watch over us.

In Christ,

MaryLou Torre, Principal

“All blessings come to us through our Lord.

He will teach us, for in beholding his life we find that he is the best example.”

Teresa of Avila

PK-8 Staff Updates

Please welcome our new staff members!

  • Mr. Paul Bellucci - PE and Religion - Grade 6

  • Ms. Deanna Vivirito - MS English Language Arts

  • Ms. Lauren Galli - Grade 2

  • Ms. Kris DeFlumeri - Bookkeeper

  • Dr. Marita Repole - Director of Early Learning

  • Mrs. Rosemarie Bicelli - Preschool Assistant

We say goodbye to Mr. Asaro, Mrs. Lounsbury, Ms. Marlowe, Ms. Solis, and Ms. Thompson. We will miss them around the campus, but wish them well!

K - Mrs. Boyle/Mrs. McCabe

1 - Mrs. Lazarra/Mrs. Kolitsas

2 - Ms. Galli

3 - Mrs. Moody (nee Escudero)

4- Ms. Marchese

5 - Mrs. Galante

6 - Mrs. Hanrahan (Math)

7 - Ms. Vivirito(English)

8 - Mrs. Puglisi (Science)

Social Studies - Middle School/Innovation/Technology - Ms. Vill

Specialists - Mr. Bellucci (PE), Ms. Campbell (Music), Mrs. Preveza (Art/Special Education), Ms. Pantaleo (Spanish and English Language Teacher)

Danbury Support Team

Ms. Kruijs, Mrs. Carino, Mrs. Conron

Office Staff

Mrs. Correa, Ms. Burnside, Ms. DeFlumeri

Preschool Staff

Ms. Lucy Rice, Mrs. Patti Norman-Paez, Mrs. Jessica Arconti, Ms. Taisha Rosario, Ms. Amal Merhab

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