My Hero

Im a hero

You know how all the presidents attend meetings and theyre basically out in the open like sitting ducks, waiting to be assasssinated by some unlikely assassin who doesnt agree with the things that the Presidents do. Well i have experienced this case firsthand and let me tell you, it gave my life a huge turn. It all happened the day the President of Australia was announcing the carbon tax. Obviously not everyone agreed with this new tax and one of these people just happened to be an assassin. The president walked up to the stage, i was positioned towards the back of the crowd, i looked around, i was tired, i was hungry, i needed somethign to drink. I decided to go for a walk, when i noticed a dark shadowy figure positioned on the roof of an apartment. I studied his figure and noticed he was preparing a gun, i recognised the scope of a sniper rifle. I followed the aim to the presidents head. I ran, ran so fast that i nearly tripped over a couple of times and then i reached the aparment stairs. It was a challenge but i worked my way to the top and snuck up behind the assassin. He turned around so fast i jumped. His face was covered by a black mask. He also had long black dreadlocks and a big silver suit of armour. He looked like a ninja. I charged at him preparing to punch him in the nose, hoping to break somehting and teach him a lesson. But he ducked and kicked me in the back. I slowly recovered while he was taking aim at the president. I had to save the president, do you know how famous i would get? I used that thought and held it in my mind. Then ran at him. Kicked him in the shin, punched him in the face, i was all over him, he had no chance. But then out of the quiver on his back, a long sleek dagger emerged. It was on. He went for my belly, got me but only a little slice drew blood. I was furious, it hurt, so i rolled over his back grabbed his gun and pointed it right at him. He froze in his tracks, his face turned pale. He was in fear, i felt like i had won when i noticed the right thig to do was.......I threw the gun off the edge of the building. He ran at me so fast i barely had time to jump out of his way, but he tackled me off the edge of the building, we were both falling. Falling so fast I was starting to tremble with fear so i managed to get on top of him and angle him downwards towards the ground and just held my position until we reached the groun-THUD. I landed on top of him on the solid concrete, i listened for his breathing, but to no success. He was dead. I realised that in saving one person, i had killed another. Its not about other people witnessing your act of heroism, its about you knowing that without youre act of bravery, there would be no saved day.