The Gold Rush


All about the Gold Rush

The gold rush in Australia was a very big thing for Australia.It was a very big thing because it changed Aus forever.It gave Aus wealth to the country.The first discovery of gold was made in 1823 by someone named James Mc Brien.This dicovery of payable gold was not made public because the governers were worried because if people heard there was gold found everyone would rush to the gold field and leave work and everything.In 1851 a man named Edward Hargraves said he can find gold in Aus because he was walking past the Fish Creek River he noticed the dirt looked the same as the dirt in the California gold rush.So he said to the governers if he can find gold will they give him a reward so the put up a poster 10 000 pounds.10 000 pounds is about $1,000000 in todays money.So him and his friends set out and looked for gold at the river.It took a while then one of his friend john Lister found a payable amount of gold after all that time panning for gold he found some.But he didn't get the credit edward hargraves got all the credit because he was the one who said he can find gold.

Edward Hargraves

James McBrien

Tom brothers

John lister

Events leading to the Australian Gold Rush