Rise of Rock 'n Roll

1954 to 1955 introduced rebellion in the form of music.

created by Tehya Smith and Shyla Sturgeon

How It All Started...

During the early 1950's, white teenagers began to listen to music from other cultures. Before that, teenagers were made to listen to their parents without question. They could not express themselves, and life was dull and simple. That all changed after WW2, soldiers came back, and life as they knew it took a spin. Some major types of influential music were the Blue's and Country. Chuck Berry, a black singer at the time, decided to combine the two types of music and start a new revolution of sound. Soon, in the later 50's and early 60's Elvis Presley revolutionized rock music again. People were craving a sense of freedom and the chance to be themselves, and this new form of music gave them a chance to express themselves. Now, with the new wave of rock and roll, people of all ages, especially teenagers began to rebel against higher authorities and led America into a new era, the era of Rock and Roll.
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Not only did rock and roll help give America a sense of freedom, it also provided a way for people to meet others with the same interests and express themselves. It provided teenagers a chance to make their own way in the world, and gave them purpose. They did not have to do everything that their parents said for the, to do and they were able to chose how to live their own lives. Another prospect that rock introduced, was a sense of style. People began to dress differently, more openly and more personalized. Morals, also, began to change, and people were more open and receptive of harsher and more frivolous acts. Drugs as well started to become a popular actin to take part in, as people saw the singers, mainly in rock and roll bands, using drugs and thought that it was the new "in" thing.

1960's! "Are you ready to rock?!"

Top Ten Chart Toppers in the 60's...

1. The Beatles 2. Elvis Presley 3. The Rolling Stones 4. Bob Dylan 5. The Beach Boys 6. Frank Sinatra 7. Cliff Richard 8. Ray Charles 9. Herb Alpert 10. Jimi Hendrix
The rise of surf rock, girl groups, and a growing hippie culture spurs the country into more, wider ranges of music that everyone could somehow identify with and have fun. These new songs were taking over the musical world and were constantly taking top of the chart. Also, the music began to sow the seeds for a wave of harder rock music, which also drove people to make nicer, pop music that was considered "Radio-friendly."