Mrs. Zavernik's Class News!

January 3, 2014


Even though it was a short week we are busy getting back into our routines! I jus want to update you on what's happening next week!

  • With the cold temperatures, students are even finding themselves cold in the classroom. Please encourage them to wear long sleeves and bring sweatshirts to school!
  • MAP Testing for us is next Wednesday/Friday. We are using our iPads for the MAP tests. Students must come to school with them FULLY charged!
  • Math test: Next Friday (Algebra focus / multi-step word problems) STUDY! Please check in with your student. This is a really tough chapter! Watch them do a few of their homework problems and help them out!
  • In S.S. we're being introduced to the tribes of WI
  • During our Daily 5 we're working on GIST statements and asking questions while we read.

I missed your kiddos over Christmas Break! I'm so glad to have them back at school!


Mrs. Megan Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary School