Cost effective Laser treatment

So I’m seeing this person and things have been going really well. We started off like one of the normal couples that talk for ages when we first got together and then things started to go a little bit funny. I was in bed with her for the first time and she told me that I needed to see something before we proceeded with things. So I said of course and asked her what it was. She said that she needed to be in another room when she told me. I told her not to be so silly and said she could tell me anything and it wouldn’t affect us. So she told me that she was going to get a duct tape for wart removal from her body and at first I thought that was such a minor problem! I didn’t know that she had already done it without telling me and paid for it and everything. At this point I told her that she was mad and something like this would never have to get in the way of things. I said that I would never leave her for something so silly. She was very relived and showed me the mark that was left from the wart removal and we laughed it out together. It was almost a bonding experience just to lie in bed laughing about something. There was a little catch though. I then asked her how much the wart removal cost and she told me it wasn’t that important. At this point I knew there was something wrong. I asked her again and she still didn’t want to tell me. I went onto my online bank account which was supposed to have 20 grand on it and it was down to 17! I turned around to see if she had actually spent this much money and she was gone in seconds. She had taken all her clothes and was out of the flat already. I couldn’t believe it. She must have used me to get rid of her wart. It all made sense up to that point. She was always going on about how she wanted it removed and I would tell her that she didn’t need to because she looked beautiful the way she was. I don’t think she ever believed me though. As a woman, she probably only listened to her friends and would never really take in what I was saying to her. I had to be blunt with myself I pretend that it didn’t mean anything because I couldn’t really get my money back. Also I didn’t want to get into the whole situation of dealing with a break up and having some crazy stuff going on. So in future I think I need to know that my credit card could be mis-used for the wrong reasons. It really does puzzle me that someone is able to spend that much money on something being removed from their body that wasn’t a problem in the first place. I liked the girl enough to realise that she was happy doing what she did and there was no point getting involved in what she was doing with her life anymore. I was to be the bigger man and let her do what she wanted. I was able to forgive her inside, knowing that she obviously had her weird ways. Warts are on all of us and they shouldn’t be looked at as something hideous. I have a few warts and I am happy with having them. The moment you get something removed is the moment you look weak and this will probably affect you.