Do crack and never get your life back

What crack does to your heart.

Crack narrows blood vessels by stimulating the muscles of the vessels. It also causes narrowing of vessels by increasing atherosclerosis. It also can make your heart beat faster in an ordered and disordered way called arrhythmia. With that being said, fast heart rates are less efficient to supply blood to the heart mussels.
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What it does to your lungs.

Smoking crack can give you a similar disease to asthma. It is unclear whether crack effects on the lung persist after stopping because so many crack users are also tobacco and/or marijuana smokers. So tobacco and marijuana smokers would be expected to have persistent lung disease even without the use of crack.
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To your kidneys.

Crack does not directly affect the kidneys, but can cause long-term damage to them because of the effect on blood vessels. Muscles can be damaged by cocaine, releasing a pigment which is toxic to the kidneys.
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Also to your stomach.

Cocaine's effects of the gastrointestinal system are also due to indirect effects on blood vessels. Cocaine users get more ulcers, but for different reasons than the usual ulcer patient. they start eating less and then eventually lose their appetite.
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How crack effects you.

They crave the drug even after the early withdrawal is over. Craving gets better over time, but you can never count on it being gone forever. People who have the disease of addiction must be alert for the rest of their lives for the possibility of a craving and develop skills to cope with cravings so they won't relapse back to using.