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EdCamp Mesa Valley February 2015 Session Board

This google doc holds the topics and notes taken as sessions at the Feb. 2015 EdCamp. Lots of ideas and resources here!

EdCamp Mesa Valley October 2014 Session Board

This is the schedule for EdCamp Mesa Valley October 18, 2014. Feel free to peruse to get a feel for the workshops and note taking that took place. Great resources here!

Ed Camp Mesa Valley

Saturday, Feb. 21st 2015 at 9am-3:15pm

Central High School, Grand Junction, Fruitvale, CO, United States

Did you ever ask yourself...

  • What community resources are out there to support my students in poverty or struggling with mental illness?
  • What is STEM and what does it mean in the Grand Valley?
  • What skills are local businesses looking for in an employee in STEM fields?
  • What tools are out there for new and more experienced teachers to share ideas and resources?
  • How does brain development impact learning? How does learning math change throughout ones' life?
  • How do I get credit to review my Teacher Evaluation Rubric with peers?
  • How do I get credit to brainstorm my unit plans with peers?

Yes? Then Edcamp Mesa Valley 2 is for you! Folks are already planning to address these very questions.

No? Well what questions do you have? We would love to discuss and support the answers at EdCamp Mesa Valley 2!
Check out our discussion boards!

These online conversations are to develop the workshops at EdCamp Mesa Valley. We hope developing questions before the event will help participants will bring resources for sharing and solutions.

EdCamp Mesa Valley 2 is at the end of February!

Wait, what's an edcamp?

It’s an professional development “unconference” where the sessions are discussions among educators rather than presenter dominated. The agenda is set by the interest level of participants, most often the morning of the conference.

Participants are encouraged to “vote with your feet”, meaning that they leave a session that isn't meeting their needs. No wasting time! The “vote with your feet” rule tends to keep sessions positive and focused on solutions, ideas, and sharing resources rather than allowing it to devolve into complaining.

It’s the positive engagement of participants that creates the value of the session.

Edcamps are completely free to attend for everyone interested in coming; teachers, teacher educators, student teachers, principals, educator coaches, and others who want to be a part of conversations centered around education.

We have seen Edcamp will provide a launching point for the many different ways teachers want to connect:

· finding a partner to lean on,

· finding a cohort of folks ready to investigate a certain theme or topic across schools, or

· simply wanting a place to mingle with other educators.

Check out the article about EdCamp Mesa Valley or the video below to learn more. Click the button to register!


The Day's Agenda

9:00-9:45 ~ Registration & Breakfast, Networking & Planning

9:45-9:55 ~ Opening Remarks

10:05-11:00 ~ Session 1

11:05 -12:00 ~ Session 2

12:00-1:00 ~ Lunch & Networking

1:05-2:00 ~ Session 3

2:05-2:55 ~ Session 4

3:00-3:15 ~ Prizes, certificates, closing remarks

EdCamp Mesa Valley Q & A

Some questions have already come up. Here are the responses:

Q: What does it take to be a facilitator?

A: The most important part of being a session facilitator is having a burning question or topic that you would like to discuss. It would be great if your topic ties to the Teacher Evaluation Rubric, but we won't stop you if you want to discuss education policy or issues in your district! Don't be surprised if we ask you to merge with a similar topic; we want to create spaces that allow the maximum amount of sharing and connecting.

Q: Are presentations allowed at EdCamp sessions?

A: Absolutely! Each session is about 50 minutes, so we only ask you keep the presentation to 15 min to allow time for discussion and sharing. You may present on the topic using whatever format you like: a speech, a power point, or bringing in artifacts from your classroom to project with a document camera, are some examples.

Q: Will I get credit?

A: Sure will, just like last time - 6 renewal hours or 1/2 grad credit for a registration fee of $27.50.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: EdCamp Mesa Valley is completely FREE. Added bonus, you get free breakfast and lunch!

Q: Is there childcare?

If you arrange your home childcare through Sitters in a Snap, the cost is on us! Just let them know you are going to EdCamp and give as much advance notice as possible so they don't run out of sitters. For info and to schedule a sitter, please go to their webpage: http://www.sittersinasnap.com/

Q: Who is invited?

Anyone who is interested in the success of students! Teachers, principals, teacher educators, instructional aides...

Q: Why should I go to EdCamp Mesa Valley?

A: You might go to get timely, relevant professional development that you choose is important. You might go to meet teachers and educators from across the district. Or, you might go to foster confidence that educators in Mesa Valley support responsive, teacher led professional development. Which ever reason you choose, we hope you have fun doing it!

But don't just take my word for it. The homemade video below has different teachers sharing why they are going to EdCamp Mesa Valley.
EdCamp Mesa Valley Homemade Promo

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