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Weekly Newsletter - November 29, 2018

Our Motto: Teaching the Mind...Nourishing the Soul

Theme for the Year - TRUTH

At St. Joseph Catholic School, we are striving to become missionary disciples by revealing the Truth of Christ to others through our actions.

Our Mission and Vision Statements


St. Joseph Catholic School provides students with a safe and prayerful learning environment, enveloped by an intimate community of active and faithful families.


Catholic schools in the Diocese of Fort Worth are committed to opening the doors so that our students can reach further than the walls that would otherwise enclose them and therefore are able to recognize and cherish the eternal and transcendental goods of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

From the Principal

As the Church calendar year comes to a close, we await the Lord's birth with eager anticipation. From the Advent wreaths in the classrooms, to the purple banners hanging on the school walls, signs of Advent are popping up everywhere! How we prepare for Christmas matters, because it gives us a moment to pause and reflect on Jesus' birth and how we can invite Him into our lives. Be watching for more signs across campus, as this Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent.

Go, Knights! Live in the Truth.

In Christ's service,

Diane Price, M.Ed.L.

Truth Bible Quote for November

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Saintly Truth Quote to ponder

"This is the wonderful truth, my dear friends: the Word, which became flesh two thousand years ago, is present today in the Eucharist." - St. Pope John Paul II

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Latin and Greek Roots Challenge

No new roots. This week is a review week.

How to Become a volunteer?

You must first create a profile in VIRTUS for the Safe Environment Diocesan Program.

Per the Diocese, all school volunteers if they are current on Safe Environment, will have until 7/31/19 to renew through VIRTUS if you do not expire before that date. You need to go on the VIRTUS website and make a profile. You can do this without signing up for a class. Profiles are needed in the new system so we know you have previous training, as the old database is no longer open for viewing.

A campus can move up the date that VIRTUS is needed, as Nolan has, but it cannot go past the new school year in August of 2019. We have opted to allow families as much time as allowed to complete your training with the 7/31/19 deadline.

If you have had no Safe Environment training at all, you must take the VIRTUS training now to be able to volunteer.


Go to

Click on Safe Environment

Click on Training Sessions, which looks like a calendar

Click on I need a VIRTUS Profile

Continue through the prompts.

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • H2O Water Walk for Life 2018 happens Friday, November 30th, beginning with a prayer service in the church at 12:45 pm. Please see the Thursday Folder for more details. Come join us!

  • First Sunday of Advent is this Sunday, December 2nd.

  • Next Spirit Night: Panda Express on December 4th.

  • Feast Day of St. Nicholas, December 6th.

  • Fr. Kelley's Birthday is December 8th and the anniversary of his ordination is December 9th!

  • If you are an Amazon customer, please use Amazon Smile! We receive a donation from Amazon when you shop. Go to: to participate. It is a very easy way to support the school! Thank you!

  • If you know a St. Joseph Catholic School alumni, please let them know we are looking to stay in contact, and would love to hear how they are doing. See the notice in our alumni section of below.

H2O For Life - Water Walk

November 30th

Please enjoy this video which explains more about the goals of this worthy organization.
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Here is an image of a well we helped to build during the 2017-2018 school year, and some smiling faces of those we served. Look at all that clean water! This year, our goal is to raise $7,585 for three different projects in Africa. PLEASE SEE THE THURSDAY FOLDER FOR DETAILS.

Annual Fund - Quest for Excellence!

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Don't forget to participate in our Annual Fund - Quest for Excellence! You've Got the Power! With 100% participation in 100 days, we hope to raise $100,000 to help with campus security enhancements, tuition assistance, construction of another storage facility, and bonuses for our teachers. Any amount is appreciated.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has already participated! We have created a display in the school foyer to celebrate our participants. If you do not wish for your name to be shared in any display or in any publication, please email me ( and your name will be kept anonymous.

Home and School Association (HSA)

  • Next HSA Spirit Night - December 4th at Panda Express.

  • Our next HSA Meeting will not be until January 16th at 7:00 pm in the school cafeteria. There is a free dress day on Friday, January 18th, for the children of HSA members in attendance that night. We do not meet during the busy months of November and December.

  • Please bring in your box tops. Be sure to check out the bulletin board display in the cafeteria to see which homeroom is in the lead! Thank you for all the hard work cutting and collecting for the school!

  • Looking for uniform pieces? Need to sell some pieces your child has outgrown? There is a Facebook page for that: SJCS Online Uniform Resale.

car line observations

  • Please do not move or disregard the cones that are placed around the parking lots. These are provided to help keep our students safe.

  • Do not make a left turn at the long line of cones upon entering the parking lot (the TCP area on the map). Please move up the drive, go around the small island, and come back down to the front of the school building. This keeps traffic off of Green Oaks.

  • It is very important that cars are not left unattended in the car line. Please park your car in the large lot beside the field if you need to leave your vehicle.

  • Please remember that if you are walking your child into the school building, you are to park in the large lot in front of the field. Foot traffic should not be occurring in the parking lots to the left, unless you have a physical need for a shorter walk. It is dangerous to be walking between the car line.

  • For the safety of all, please be aware of your speed as you move through the parking lots, and be watchful and courteous.

  • Please be patient with friends and extended family members who drop off and pick up students. Many times they have not been informed of the proper way to navigate the car line. We do reach out to families after arrival and dismissal who seem to not understand the car line pattern.

  • If you have a friend or extended family member picking up your child, please take a minute to explain the procedures to them. Please reference the diagram. Thank you!

  • We would ask that a cell phone not be in your hand while driving in the car line. We all know it only takes one sudden distraction to alter lives forever.
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the Child Solving the Problem

Have you ever been at a complete loss for an effective consequence? One of the most common requests we get is:

“Can you give us a list of consequences?”

The reason you won’t find this in any of our materials is that effective discipline involves far more than simply picking the right consequence. It involves building and maintaining loving relationships so that: (a) kids are less likely to rebel; and (b) they experience genuine remorse when they blow it. It also involves setting effective limits, sharing control within these limits, and teaching skills so children are prepared for life’s tough challenges.

With this said, there are a variety of consequences that often outperform the others. It’s called “restitution.” We at Love and Logic call it the “Energy Drain” approach. Performing restitution means to restore. It means to make things right by performing any action that repairs the inconvenience or damage inflicted on another.

It’s the preferred type of consequence because it:

Leaves kids seeing they can solve the problems they create.

Requires real thought, action, and learning.

Builds healthy self-esteem and efficacy.

Meets the need to reconnect when relationships have been damaged.

While it’s not always possible to repair a concrete object, it’s almost always possible to replace energy drained from another person. Having kids replace voltage they sap is the approach of choice, particularly with youth who feel poorly about themselves and need to see they are capable of doing good.

The next time your child drains somebody’s energy you may want to experiment with saying:

“This is so sad. What an energy drain. How are you going to replace that energy?”

Then provide some options, such as:

“Some kids decide to do extra chores.”

“Others decide to wash the person’s car inside and out.”

“Some decide to stay home instead of being driven to practice.”

Be positive and thankful about their energy replacement efforts. Don’t try to make them feel bad, and don’t be surprised if they appear to enjoy replacing your energy.

Kids don’t have to feel horrible to learn from restitution. In fact, many will feel good about it. When this happens, it often translates into fewer battles for everyone involved.

by Dr. Charles Fay

Knights in Action!

8th Grade Student of the Month

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Congratulations, Maggie Le! You are the 8th Grade Student of the Month! There is no wonder why you received this distinction. You serve the Lord with your talents in many different ways. Thank you for being a missionary disciple, and a witness to the Gospel teachings of Jesus for your fellow Knights. We are all very proud of you!

Frassati Award Recipients

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Congratulations to Kindergartner, Austin Nguyen, for receiving the Frassati Award before the break! He shines with the ability to see the good in everyone, and leads by example with fairness in his heart. Thank you for being such a peacemaker.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."

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Congratulations to Kindergartner, Logan Redd, who also received the Frassati Award before the break! The empathy that Logan shows to his fellow classmates should they be feeling sad, helps everyone in the room to enjoy their day. Thank you for sweetly taking care of your classmates.

"Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God."

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Congratulations to Kindergartner, Eli Wheeler, for receiving the Frassati Award before the break! The love and kindness he shows to others without expecting anything in return, is one of the many reasons Eli is always smiling. Thank you for living in the Truth.

"Blessed are the clean of heart for they will see God."

Pre-K and Kindergarten Pounder Project

The babies have arrived! Catholic Charities Fort Worth worked with our Pre-K and Kindergarten to gather beans and rice in the same weight as each student at birth. These items will be donated to refugees in need. Thank you to all the families who participated!

A special Moment for Mrs. Brennan

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Our 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Brennan, was invited to a reception at the USA Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, DC for the Bethlehem University Foundation. She learned all about the daily challenges students face to attend college in the Holy Land. Mrs. Brennan is pictured with the Vice Chancelor of the Bethlehem University in the Holy Land, Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD. What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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STREAM: Catapult Challenge

Enrichment groups are continuing a catapult study for the remaining weeks of this semester. We started research about some of the modern uses of catapults including: aircraft carrier launch system, clay pigeon launch for target practice, compound bow, and linear motor of a roller coaster.

Roboknights in Action!

Our RoboKnights attended a Saturday meeting to get ahead on all the building and programming of their robots. They are preparing for a competition in December. Keep up the good work, teams!

No Alumni news this week

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All SJCS Alumni, we want to hear from you, and to share any news you have with the rest of the Knight Community! Please send us your address, phone number, and email address so we may keep in touch. Please send your information to Monica Hurtado at

Do you have any information you would like to share with the entire Knight Community? We would love that as well! Please send your news to

Once a Knight - Forever a Knight!

Are you in need of prayers?

The St. Joseph School Community would be honored to pray for you. Please send all prayer requests to this email address:

Meet our parish priests!

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Parish

  • Be sure to look into The parish has paid for your subscription to this vast library of inspiring videos and essential reads to help grow your faith. Just go straight to the "Enter Code" button and enter 4BDX9H to begin the process. You may also access this through the parish website link below. Enjoy!

  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is occurring after daily Mass in the Chapel until 5:45pm. Come spend some time with our Lord.

  • Please enjoy this link to a lovely article in the North Texas Catholic about the pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Fr. Kelley:

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