Mosque of Cordoba

Location and Description

Mezquita De Cordoba, or Mosque of Cordoba, is located in Europe, in Cordoba, Spain. Many changes in religion happened there. It was added to in the 10th century during the rule Abd-ar-Rahman the first, one of the greatest Islamic rulers.

A Mosque is a Muslim place of worship. This Mosque in particular is one the largest mosques in the world.

History and Religion

The Great Mosque of Cordoba was the capital of the Spanish-Muslim dynasty, which took place 756-1031 C.E. The site had been previously occupied by a Christian church. Before then, it was the capital of a Roman province.

At one point Cordoba was captured by the Christian Spanish king Ferdinand III in the 13th century. In 1523, Emperor Charles V and the local clergy built a cathedral in the center of the mosque. The site on which the Mosque stands has long been sacred. It once contained a Roman temple that was dedicated to Janus.

Why it is sacred

The Mosque of Cordoba is a sacred place. In fact, it has been sacred to more than one religion. Many different religions have worshipped there. The site that it is on once contained a Roman temple and at another time, a Christian church. In 1236, it became a cathedral, but did not undergo any large architectural changes.