Assessment Criterion E: Evaluate

How I will be assessed on Evaluate.

0 The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors given below.

1 — 2 The student evaluates the product/solution or his or her own performance. The student makes some attempt to test the product/solution.

3 — 4 The student evaluates the product/solution and his or her own performance and suggests ways in which these could be improved. The student tests the product/solution to evaluate it against the design specification.

5 — 6 The student evaluates the success of the product/solution in an objective manner based on the results of testing, and the views of the intended users. The student provides an evaluation of his or her own performance at each stage of the design cycle and suggests improvements. The student provides an appropriate evaluation of the impact of the product/solution on life, society and/or the environment.


After finishing our E-Portfolio. We had to make a online survey. At first we needed 5 people but then if we have more people doing the survey we can get more data.


This is my survey for people to do for my E-Portfolio.

I got 13 people to do my survey and I got my classmates to do and friends back in Malaysia. Also 2 of my family member.

Testing Results

Here are my results below:

Is my portfolio http://www.i-m.co/JoyceK/joycekhor/home.html free? (Such as did that person need to pay for this e-portfolio?)

Yes - 11 Responses

No - 1 Responses

Which of the following answers can this E-Portfolio be viewd on? (Tick the Boxes) Multi-Answer

Tablet - 10 Responses

Smart Phone - 10 Responses

Laptop & Desktop - 13 Responses

None - 0 Responses

Can my portfolio contain these answers? Multi Answer

Photos/Images - 13 Responses

Word/Text - 13 Responses

Video - 5 Responses

None of the above - 0 Responses

Does the website have.... (answers below)

9 subjects - 12 Responses

Homepage - 13 Responses

Contact Page - 11 Responses

MIA and C&S page - 11 Responses

None of the above - 0 Responses

How does the homepage....

5 Stars - Outstanding

4 Stars - Good

3 Stars - Satisfactory

2 Stars - Unsatisfactory

1 Star - Poor

Excellent Information

1 Star - 0 Responses

2 Star - 0 Responses

3 Star - 1 Responses

4 Star - 10 Responses

5 Star - 2 Responses

Layout (Structure)

1 Star - 0 Responses

2 Star - 0 Responses

3 Star - 5 Responses

4 Star - 5 Responses

5 Star - 3 Responses

Styles (Font,Color)

1 Star - 0 Responses

2 Star - 0 Responses

3 Star - 4 Responses

4 Star - 4 Responses

5 Star - 5 Responses

What do you think about my URL and title? (Multi-Answers 3 Only)

It's too long - 5 Responses

Easy & Rememberable - 7 Responses

Boring - 0 Responses

Not Welcoming - 0 Responses

Does my E-Portfolio adademic enough?

Yes - 13 Responses

No - 0 Responses

Any suggestion need to be made?

Change color - 2 Responses

Contain more Information - 4 Responses

I didn't get your E-Portfolio - 0 Responses

Change your title and URl - 8 Responses

Evaluation of my own performance

When I consider my performance during the INVESTIGATE stage I believe that ....

I had a hard time doing this because I really didn't understand the stuff about E-Portfolio that well and when we had to investigate about example of E-Portfolios. That was the hardest to find example of other students around the world E-Portfolios.

When I consider my performance during the DESIGN stage I believe that ....

I had very different type of designs and most of them was very easy to do. But I ended up picking the hardest one out of all. It gave me a challenge to find to the right website to do this design. (Which was Design 2)

When I consider my performance during the PLAN stage I believe that ....

I didn't really put enough information in it. I put information I did days before. So basically I didn't keep on track with this but I knew what I needed to do every time I came into Technology class.

When I consider my performance during the CREATE stage I believe that ....

Im Creator was a lifesaver. If I didn't have that website then my WHOLE design would be totally different. The creating was very difficult because I had good ideas later but knowing that I had to stick with my original idea was the right choice :)

When I consider my performance during the EVALUATE stage I believe that ....

My survey was good. I liked my survey. But I wish KwikSurvey had a text box for the person who doing the survey to make a comment. I hope that I would get good results from friends!

Suggested Improvements

When I examine my e-portfolio I believe it would be better if I....

I had a good color taste. I kept it very simple. (Like what they said less is more!) But if I knew more color matches my e-portfolio would be awesome. I just started but in the future I will like to contain alot of photos to explain about each subject.

When I consider my own performance and effort during this unit, I believe I would get better results if I....

I would get VERY lazy and get very off tasked sometimes. Thinking back I now try to focus alot and make the best work that I can. In this class it has given me 2 sides of me. The side of not being focus and not giving effort and one side that I try to always be, giving it my all.

Impact Of Society

If someone saw this I think that it will give a different idea for them. Not always have the title on top with the subject below. Like changing things up in E-Portfolios.