Poetry Book

by Andrew Byrd

Color Poem

  • blue is me on Monday's
  • blue is smurfs from the movie
  • blue smells like blueberry pie straight from the oven
  • blue tastes like mountain dew voltage
  • blue smells like the waves of the ocean
  • blue looks like the ocean
  • blue feels like sadness
  • blue makes me feel emotion
  • blue is my color
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue
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I am a flower

I grow taller every day

I have looks that make me special

my home is the dirt

my petals blow around in the wind all day

I eat energy

I am a flower



awesome humor

Netflix watcher

draws a lot

yells cool a lot


Cinquain Poem




loving their children



Ode Poem


birds oh birds

they always fly high

Every time I see them there in the sky

they often live in trees

and there always hard to see

some birds are always pecking around

others are always on the ground

no matter what there doing there always making sounds


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Haiku Poem

a very small bird

flying so high in the sky

flying to its nest


Limerick Poems

I have a dog

and he is really crazy

he has his own collar

and is sometimes lazy

there was a shark

his name was Jeff

and he wears a hat

his friends name is Seth

they are both polite


Blazon Poem

my hair is as brown as the trees in the forest

my face as tan as the desert sand

my ear as round as a snails shell

my fingers as skinny than a snake

my nose as pointy as a sharks tooth

my poem is the sky and the ground

i am nature

i am the world


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Makes Me Think Of

blue makes me think of the sea

the sea makes me think of fish

fish makes me think of bass

bass makes me think of food

food makes me think of fishing

fishing makes me think of water

water makes me think of blue


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