A Boy at War

By: Harry Mazer


Adam has moved around the country his whole life. His father is a lieutenant in the Navy, and has been moved to the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. This is pretty much Adam's first time going to an actual high school, not a base school. While at the school, Adam befriends Davi Mori, a Japanese-American, and Martin Kahahawai. Adam's father doesn't want him to be friends with Davi, just because he can't be trusted for being Japanese. Disobeying his fathers wishes, Adam, Martin, and Davi, go fishing the harbor. Just as they were about to start fishing, they hear and see planes and explosions. Davi begins to "cheer" and Adam begins to think that his father was right. A plane flies over their boat and starts shooting at them. Martin is the only one who got injured. Adam gets recruited by soldiers to carry ammunition. He soon flees his job to go and help wounded men, and rescue them from the harbor.

Reasons to Read this Book!

1. It has a great plot, even if it is short

2. Great information about WW2

3. It's a quick read, but very good