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Weekly Bulletin - Week of April 11th

Weekly Principal's Note:

Hello, Everyone.

I hope that you all had a nice week back from Easter vacation. I had an awesome time watching Jamie's 2nd graders make ice cream in science class last week. It was fantastic to see a lesson where kids were learning math, science, and Spanish...all at once!! Thanks for letting me visit, Jamie. I will be working on the teacher evaluations soon and would love to come in and visit more often. If you have exciting lessons that you would like to showcase this week, please email me the time and date so that I can put it on my calendar. Essentially, I am looking at the aspects contained in Charlotte Danielson's Framework. I have included an image of the framework below.

Also, contracts will be ready this week, so please fill in a time to meet with me. I'll send out a Google Doc. Your commitment and dedication to the kids is evident when I see you in the classroom, on the playground, in Church, or up in the lunchroom. What I especially notice is how we look out for one another's kids, not just the ones directly in our care. It really does take a village and I appreciate all you do for each and every child in our community. Thank you and have a wonderful week!

With Blessings,


Danielson Framework

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This Week:


  • Nothing special yet...

  • Lesson Plans should be DONE...all subjects!


  • Collect Read-a-Thon pledge money.
  • PE instead of music. Shannon will contact you to discuss any schedule changes since it is a half day.
  • Noon dismissal.
  • Lunch from 12:15 - 1...potluck?
  • P.D. from 1 - 3 pm.



  • 1st Grade Field Trip to the Zoo.
  • Prep for Jr. Daffodil Parade.


  • Jr. Daffodil Parade - Attend if you can!
    • Arrive at Mason Middle School at 9:40 am on April 16th to line up and get in order. Usually the larger groups (us at 185) meet on the Track field in the back of the school. Parking near the field was available last year.
    • The parade begins at N. 28th & Proctor, travels down Proctor and turns left on N. 26th and continues down to the library.

Read-A-Thon: Money Due!!

Please place an announcement in your newsletters that the Read-a-Thon pledge money is due this week. The actual due date is Wednesday, but I imagine you will be collecting it all week. Shanan O'Driscoll Hedges will be in on Tuesday and Wednesday to collect it from you so that she can begin processing payment.

Enrollment: Sharing the Good News!

Enrollment is going well and all of the families who tour our school just fall in love with us. Last week, we signed 5 students (Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4) and will likely have one more (Pre-K 4) returning their contract this week. We also have three more (K, K, and 6th) who are extremely interested. Thanks for being so welcoming when we enter your room and keep this positive enrollment trend in your prayers!! Father Wichert and I are shooting for 210 students for next year!!



Noon Dismissal - Professional Development

Wednesday, April 13th, 12pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Teacher PD from 1 - 3:30, Extended Care is Available

The PD will be done by Dr. Vanessa Tucker (thank you Bridget!!), a specialist on SPED. She will work with us on how we can deal effectively with SPED related issues in the classroom.

Spring Fling

Saturday, April 30th, 5-8pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

The date has changed for this event. It will now be held on April 30th.

Families can pre-purchase tickets for $5/person (through the office) or $7/person at the door. It will be a fantastic event, complete with lip-syncing!

First Communion Practice

Tuesday, May 3rd, 6pm

520 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Student Baptisms at the All School Mass!!!!

Thursday, May 5th, 9am

520 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

We are SOOO excited to announce that Anderson, Flynn, and Lucy will be receiving the Sacrament of Baptism at the all school mass on Thursday, May 5th. We will all be able to celebrate this big day with them and their families!!

First Communion for our 2nd and 3rd Graders!!

Saturday, May 7th, 5pm

520 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

We have many 2nd and 3rd graders receiving their First Holy Communion at the 5 pm Mass. Please join us for this very special day, if you can.

Holy Rosary Gala!!

Saturday, May 7th, 6pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is on Saturday, May 7th. As it is a $150 per plate fundraiser, we are not expecting staff to attend. If you would like to, however, please do! Please pray for a big night for us. Our goal for this evening is $175,000 and Dr. Haggarty, our Superintendent, is our special guest speaker.