Andrew Jackson

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The Trail Of Tears

To make room for the American settlers, Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law. This act was proposed by the federal government to exchange the desirable Native American land for a less desirable land west of the Mississippi. The Native Americans were to be moved to that land so that the American settlers could live there. The Cherokee nation did not like this act. There was then a Supreme Court ruling, Worcester v Georgia, and the Cherokee tribe won, when the Supreme Court said that Georgia would not interfere with the Cherokee. However, Jackson did not agree with the ruling and decided to ignore it. He rounded up all the Cherokees and pushed them west towards Oklahoma. A a result, thousands of natives died along the way because of Jackson. :(

The Spoils System

Andrew Jackson related most to the common and lower-class people, since he was once like them. He decided to give the opportunity for a government job, to any white male, including the lower-class, who supported his political party. This opportunity meant bad news for the people who were currently working a government jobs. They were going to get their job taken away and given to someone with less working experience and the background for that job. Even though this provided a good job opportunity for others, all the hard work that the government people put into their jobs was was going to be forgotten.

The Nullification Crisis

During his presidency, Jackson passed the tariff of 1828 and the tariff of 1832. The Southern region of the United States did not favor tariffs, like the North did. Unlike the North, the South have little manufacturing and relied heavily on imported goods, which would get taxed by the tariffs. South Carolina decided to nullify the tariffs. They threatened to secede from the United States if the federal government were to interfere with their nullification act. Congress then passed the Force Bill, which unfairly allowed Andrew Jackson to use the Army to make South Carolina pay their taxes. South Carolina decided not to secede and gave in to the Force Bill, accepted the compromise tariff, and payed their many taxes, all which made Jackson stronger.