Come to Muffie

Kepler 22b

Basic Information

Diameter: 30,580.8km

Average distance from its sun: 128 million km

Average temperature: 22 degrees Celsius/ 72 degrees farenheight

Length of day: unknown

Length of year: .79 earth years (290 days)

Number of moons: none

Number of rings: none


If I lived on muffie I would be 17

The distance from earth is 600 light years

The planets mass is unknown

Interesting Facts

Muffie could have continents and oceans just like earth

The gravity on Muffie would be twice as strong as it is on earth

Muffie orbits its parents star slightly closer than earth orbits the sun


1) It would take 600 light years (2.3 million) years to get to Muffie

2) Muffie could possibly be a gas planet

3) Muffie may be too hot to be able to have water stay in a liquid state


1) we can't speed up technology but with more research we can probably come up with a faster way to get there

2) if it's a gas planet we can't live there so there's really no solution but again with more research we can find out for sure

3) we can keep water inside is cool temperatures and reuse it