Local News Update

Political Factors

In Libya people would leave because they have a bad government. They don't have freedom of speech and many other. The people would come to country like U.S that have freedom and better gov.

Environmental Factors

In Beijing the air population is really bad so many people are leaving china. Many Chinese people have lungs disease and it is specially bad for the children. They go to a religious free and freedom country.

Religious Persecution

In Syria there is religious persecution. Like they only allow one religion and the other is some where else. The same religion is in one place and a different religion is in a different place.

Economic Motives

People would com to United States for the economic and the colleges. Also they come here because of the freedom.

Ethnic Persecution

My anschester are form Mongolia. But we moved to Nepal a long time ago.

Forced Migration

Slaves (black people) forced to move to America. Jews were forced to move because of the nazies.