Why Mars?

rheanna koziol

Benefits Of Space Travel

The benefits of space travel to Mar's is that we can discover new forms of life, valuable natural resources and can be used as a safety planet. To travel to Mars, astronauts will use a Mars transit vehicle. It will create a safe landing for the astronauts when they arrive to Mars.

Colonization On Mars

Mar's location makes it ideal for an attempt at colonization because Mars possesses raw materials that support life. Mars is rich in carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen which are in all successful forms such as water ice. You can generate power on Mars with solar panels, thanks to the clear skies. Lastly, its atmosphere is thick enough to protect crops from the solar flares.

Earthlike Planet

Another earthlike planet besides Mars is a red dwarf star. It is not an option for colonization because they are fully convective. The material from the core circulates to the surface. The star is very cold with a surface temperature of 2000-4000 kelvin. Although, red dwarfs do last a long time and geothermal energy gives us hope that there is a chance we can live on a red dwarf star.