First Grade Daily Home Learning

Fun In First

Dear Saints,

Wow, can you believe it we are starting our 8th week of Distance Learning? We know this isn't the ideal schooling for your Saint but you are making the best of it. They have the best teacher, YOU! They may not be getting everything they would have in the classroom, but......they are getting more time with you. During the school year, we get more time with your child than you do. When they get home, they are tired, cranky, hungry and then it's time for homework, baths and bed. We get the best part of their day 5 days out of 7. Now you get that time so ENJOY! They will be leaving for college before you know it. You are all doing are there for your child during this uncertain time and that's what they need right now. We are giving it our best to support you until the end! We miss your SAINTS dearly so please give them a big hug from us.

Remember that on this Learning Hub, you will find links to go with the daily instructional activities. In each daily plan, children can begin with the first activity and work their way through the list. The week is structured to have Reading/Language Arts on Monday/Tuesday and Math/Science/Social Studies on Wednesday/Thursday. Under Religion there will be 3 activities that can be done throughout the week. Fridays can be used to complete any unfinished work or Enrichment.

Please make sure to continue to login for ATTENDANCE each day by 9:00 a.m.


Mrs. Van Essen and Mrs. Taylor

Showing Saintly Spirit

May 4: Meaningful Messages: Write kind words with chalk on sidewalk for neighbors to see

May 5: Cinco de Mayo: Listen to Chicks and Salsa and make salsa with the recipe at the end

May 6: Stripes Day: Wear something with stripes

May 7: Puppet Day; make one out of a lunch bag or sock then read a book with it

May 8: Yellow Day: Wear yellow and eat yellow foods

Daily Assignments

Reading and Language Arts

Monday: May 4

Have your child read the story in Reading Street Book P. 210-230

**Discuss with your parents: What can happen when someone has a new idea**

Make a list of 6

You can also listen to the story on youtube below.

Optional: This site is free to kids during this time. It is great for reading books on their level and taking a quiz over it to test comprehension.

The Stone Garden

Tuesday: May 6

Re-read or listen to the story The Stone Garden

Ask them the Think Critically Questions P. 232

Complete Pages 585, 590 & 597 in Blue Reader Writer Workbook.


**Read a book and take an AR test** The website only is allowing use between 9-2.**




Monday: May 5

Watch video to learn about the prefixes RE and UN

Tuesday: May 6

Scrabble Spelling: Use the Scrabble Spelling paper to practice the words below.

Added bonus-practicing equations.- Attachment or use your own paper

unhappy unfriendly

untie unplug

unlikely reheat

repaint reappear

review rebuild

More on Prefixes:

Language Arts: Use websites below or any other learning game that your child enjoys!

Monday & Tuesday

IXL: Be sure your child is doing activities for first grade and not kindergarten.

Moby Max

Writer's Workshop


Write a Realistic Fiction story about Flat Mrs. Van Essen or Flat Mrs. Taylor and you. Make sure to include your name as one of the characters instead of always using "I." Look over the checklist below before starting your story.- ATTACHMENT- You may use any combination of the paper and please illustrate

Big picture


Revisit the piece of writing you worked on yesterday so that you can add more details, and use sparkle words. Remember, sparkle words are words that make your writing more interesting such as adjectives or even more interesting verbs. Also watch the video to REVIEW editing. You can also use the chart below to help you. Remember to use a ^ when you add in words.


Editing Writing for Kids! |First and Second Grade|
Big picture



Watch this 3-minute video to review 2-digit subtraction.

Worksheet 1: Subtraction - ** GRADE**


Review telling time with this EdPuzzle then complete the worksheet.

Worksheet 2: What Time is it Mr. Wolf? - **GRADE**



Read in your Science book Chapter 12 Unit F Lesson 3 Light (pages 410-417). Complete Lesson 3 Outline on Light. Outline 3 – **GRADE**


Sit back with a snack and watch this Magic School Bus video. Read in your Science book Chapter 12 Unit F Lesson 4 Electricity (pages 418-427). Complete Lesson 3 Outline on Electricity.

Outline 4 - **GRADE**

OPTIONAL: Some extra Science Fun– Jet-powered Speed Boat


Social Studies


Read the short Thomas Edison biography page. Use what your learned from this and complete the Time Line activity.

Edison Time Line – **GRADE**

If you want to know more about Thomas Edison, watch this:


Read the short Louis Braille biography page. Use what your learned from this and complete the Time Line activity.

Braille Time Line –** GRADE**

If you want to know more about Louis Braille, watch this:

Religion-Throughout the week

Let's Talk About God's Love-Attachment

You started this last week.

**Count as 2 Grades**

The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary: Watch & listen to the video and write down 4 facts about Mary. You may want to watch a little at a time if you think it's too long. 14 min. -Attachment has a 4 square pg. you can use and make the craft; it also includes a copy of the Hail Mary Prayer

Watch "The Good Shepherd"

From the Counselor

Mrs. DeLeon the counselor wanted us to remind you that information that may be helpful to you is under the "Counselor Connection" section under Student Life on the SHCS website.

Extra! Extra! Extra!

This section is ONLY in case your child needs s'more to do during this time.

**At Home Choice Boards**-Attachment

Attachment Below for Covid Time Capsule